Green Smoothie Talk

My 14 year old son:  I’m sitting next to algae!!  (referring to the glass canning jar in the middle console of my car between us)

images    sarjeant-iain-green-algae-in-freshwater-pond-scotland-jpg

green_algae   images

Me:  No, it’s my green smoothie son.

As I take swigs, cue the vomit and gagging sounds from my 3 kids in the car with me.  I have to laugh.  Whatever.  Only my youngest has managed to swallow a small sip to have the bragging rights that she tried it.  (I really like my smoothies, but the green just freaks everyone out.)


Two hours later, walking into Jamba Juice for their ritual after dentist visit smoothie:

My 8 year old daughter:  Hey Mom!!  Look, they have green smoothies!!

Me:  Yep, they do.

8 year old is studying the poster on the wall of what goes into their smoothie:  Is that what you put in yours?

Me:  Some of it is.

As we are getting into the car from Jamba Juice:

8 year old:  You should really try those mom.

My 11 year old daughter:  Hey mom, how long has it been since you’ve had a migraine?

Me:  16 days now!

11 year old:  That’s awesome.

Yes it is.  It really does amaze me that my kids seem genuinely interested in how things are going.  Life gets so busy, and they have so many of their own things going on now.  I know I’m loved, but that they are interested and concerned as well, that is really cool.

I know I bring damage to their rep with the green smoothies, but it’s not like I would walk up to school to pick them up with one in my hand.

I do however pick them up from school and cruise around town with one of those stay cool bright blue towels around my neck at times.  It is quite clear that I am not in the middle of playing a sport which these are designed for.  But the coolness of the towel seems to help me think maybe a migraine won’t come.  All of my kids asked what I had that bright blue towel wrapped around my neck like a scarf for, and when I told them, they said ‘oh’.  They didn’t ask me to take it off, or walk way in front of me like they didn’t know who the crazy lady with a blue towel around her neck was.  I mean, in all honesty, it’s safe to say that they don’t hold me up to a high standard of fashion.  I cruise up to school, the store, wherever, all the time, with absolutely no regard for my appearance (other than make sure I’m out of my jammies).  If I’m working out, or cleaning the house, or other fun tasks such as cleaning out the chicken coop during the day, I am not putting on a stitch of make up.  I’m wearing a hat, and sweats.  That’s how I roll.  There are days where I think I should put a bit of effort into what I’m putting out there, but then then my brain rebuts with “save that for a special occasion and dazzle everyone then.”  I am fine with the outlook of “she cleans up well!”

I’m proud of my kids for their concern and their heart, their acceptance, and not wanting someone different than who they got.

I’ll continue to sport my green smoothies, under cover if we’re out of course so I don’t thoroughly embarrass my kids.  If we’re at home though, it’s fair game for whichever friend may be over to be invited to the “try the green smoothie challenge”.  No visitor has taken me up on the challenge yet…

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