Can someone please invent a whole house fan for my head?

In the past 47 days, I’ve had two migraines.  That’s a party, it really, truly is something to be celebrated in comparison to the two a week I was having.

But 10 days ago, was the second of those two.  It was pretty major.  After 30 minutes of kaleidoscope eyes, there were two full days of headache and the feeling of a hangover.

Cue the whole house fan for my head invention…

We are currently in the market for a whole house fan for our home.  It’s my understanding that in the evening or morning when it’s cool outside, you open the house windows, turn on the whole house fan, and presto, all the hot air is sucked out of the house and replaced with cool air from outside.  This would be amazing since we have a huge attic space that just traps the hot air, and even when it’s 65 outside at night, our A/C is still running strong trying to make up for the day.

After that last migraine, for two days, my eyes felt like they were sagging, my head and face felt like there was an enormous weighted gel surrounding them, just bringing everything down.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could press the on button, and my whole house fan for my head would just suck out all the migraine crap, and replace it with normalness that most people have?

I’d pay top frickin’ dollar for that man!


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