Block Parenting

Two out of three of my kids respond the same when it comes to reasoning or explaining about something, and discipline.  The other child marches to the beat of their own drum.

As I try over and over without success in the same ways with this one child, as I do the two others, it is often left unresolved, and there are feelings of frustration, and at times tears (usually mine).

Today I feel like I may be on to something…

I pictured one of those baby toys that my kids had when they were little, it was red and blue, and had yellow shaped blocks that you placed inside.   You could only put the correct shape in the correct hole, or else, of course, it wouldn’t fit.


In using a block toy as an analogy to parenting my kids, I subconsciously continue to fit lets say a triangle into a circle shaped hole.  I continue to get frustrated, and it just doesn’t work out.  In the end, I get afraid that the triangle edges may even get a little chipped along the way as I try to fit it into the circle shaped hole.  Not a good plan.

I feel like maybe some curtains have opened up and I am seeing a little clearer all of a sudden.  That I need to really be conscious of the fact that one out of three of my kids may best respond in a way that the other two do not.

I have three really awesome kids who are funny, full of life, and kind.  We all try to do our best at this job of parenting with the end result hoping to be a kid with the least amount of (theoretical) chips on their blocks.  Here’s to keeping the curtains open and trying to see what fits best.

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