It has been 49 days since I have had a migraine.  Seven weeks today.  THAT IS CRAZY!!!

49 stood out to me even more because I was raised in a family of San Francisco 49er fans.

My grandfather had held 49er season tickets since Kezar Stadium, and continued to be a season ticket holder into Candlestick.  My family held the same Candlestick season tickets through the Dynasty, all the way through their last year there. Just last week, my dad called to let me know that his Candlestick Park seats arrived at his doorstep.  It only seemed right when the opportunity came up, to buy their Candlestick seats to keep.  One of my brothers bought two of the seats, and the other two were bought for my dad.

My dad will still get to watch 49ers games in the seats that he shared with each of our family members, including his dad.

It is safe to say he will cry in those seats again if there is a replay of ‘The Catch.’

Those seats are where many years ago, I heard my father yell ‘LAY DOWN LIKE A DOG SIMMS, LAY DOWN LIKE A DOG!!!’  I have told this story many times, just last year, a friend texted me when Simms was commentating, and it read ‘Lay down like a dog Simms!’

So, 49 days is a good, family fitting milestone!!


It’s funny that this is the only 49er ticket stub that I have, and it is from this week 19 years ago.  Little did I know at that game, that 13 days later, I’d meet my husband.  And I certainly didn’t know that 19 years later, I’d be referencing that ticket stub for a milestone to my migraines.

Most of my 49er memories are from a while back, the more recent memories belong to my brothers. They share my dads love for the team.

My favorite 49er player as a kid was Fred Dean, #74.  74 will work for a new number of non migraine days to shoot for.

Looking back through my migraine notes, (so lame, I don’t wish those on anyone), I have not come even close to 49 days between migraines in the over two years I have been keeping records.

Before starting my anti-migraine potion, I had just gotten finished with having 6 migraines in 33 days.  Since starting my ‘potion’, I’ve had 2 migraines in 100 days!!!

Daily anti-migraine potion:

Again, not sure what’s working, but not going to stop now.  Here’s to hoping I’m celebrating on day #74!!!

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