100th Day Of No Migraines

Today it has been 100 days since I have had a migraine.  There is no one word that sums this up for me.  Words that come to mind are:

  • Wow
  • Amazing
  • Really, really nice

Not having my eyesight leave me for 30 minute periods followed by dull senses, then a life changing headache that follows the next day happen multiple times per week has just been wonderful.

The problem is that it scares the absolute crap out of me.  When am I going to have a migraine again?  I walk into stores and get a little panicky, wondering if this is the day that my streak will be broken.  I’m scared to think of a time in the future that I may be referring to this period of my life as ‘there was a time that I went 100 days without a migraine’.

Daily B-2, Feverfew, Butterbur, green migraine smoothie, which one is doing the work?  Will they continue to work?  How much time do I get of this non-migraine lifestyle?  100 days isn’t long enough to consider it to be my new normal.  The anxiety that comes with migraines really sucks.  I let the anxiety cat out of the bag fully on a past post here:  https://youcantarguewithcrazy.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/migraines-have-created-a-bob-wiley-level-of-anxiety/

Ok, checking myself, gotta get back to being grounded, and stay the course.  I’m going to take a moment and enjoy this ride.  100 days of no migraines is magical.

‘Just keep swimming.’



  1. We tend to try to plan ahead for everything. This contemplation and advanced preparation saves us, most of the time… Being prepared with all the essential parts and pieces to make dinner come together in a few minutes after soccer practice or having a well-stocked MacGyver-esk purse, with first-aid supplies, snacks, playing cards, floss, and paper clips. Sometimes, though, this “forward thinking” isn’t productive, and in those situations, it is often accompanied by anxiety or fear, and ends up stealing away the joy of the present moment. A migraine isn’t something that you have to plan for, you’ve been there, done that and made it through, many, many times. It is something that you can handle, no matter the situation. So, take it off the “to do list” in your head and don’t give it permission to rob you of the freedom that comes from migraine-free moments! Congrats, my friend!

    With gratitude, Timaree Hagenburger


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  2. 100 days without a migraine, awesome! I agree with the post above. Don’t let the fear of a migraine coming back into your life rob you of the days free from one.

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