Snapshot Memories

I have had some wild and fun New Years Eves.  I’ve had some not so notable ones as well.  And lately, the most recent ones result in celebrating the East Coast midnight New Year rather than our West Coast clock three hours later.

Back in 1995, I spent New Years up in Lake Tahoe’s South Shore for the first and only time.

We took the long way around the Lake and stopped at Lakeshore Pizza in Tahoe City before continuing on.

It was there that the best part of New Years happened.  Sitting outside on the deck of the restaurant with lifelong friends and what would become my future husband, we ate some pizza and drank some beer while Van Morrison’s Day’s Like This played through the speakers above.  All this while staring out at Lake Tahoe in all it’s glory with the snowy mountains as a backdrop.  Perfect moment.

I don’t remember that midnight, or many of the details from that trip other than sitting on that deck, listening to the music with special people.  I can picture it so well though.  Like a snapshot.

Here’s to many snapshot memories in 2015!

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