My littlest is sick.


This was the result of the morning store run by my husband.

Yesterday, my littlest stayed in jammies and laid on the couch watching movies all day, just not feeling 100%.  I was hoping it was a quick thing, but then this morning at 4:15 am, she came into our room and said she didn’t feel good.  She had a sore throat and a stomach ache, and once I took it, a 102.7 fever, and that was after drinking water to take her Advil.  Poor little one.

Funny, my alarm was set for 10 minutes after she came in to my room for my twice weekly early gym date with my friend.  The handful of times that I have had to cancel my early morning gym workout over the years, I usually feel a strange sense of guilt even though reasons are valid.  When I texted my friend this morning to let her know I wouldn’t be there, there was no guilty feeling like I’m missing out on my work out, or letting her down.  Just the reality of not being able to make it because my kid is sick.

I’m so thankful, my kids haven’t been sick too much this past year.  But it’s funny, when they are, things just go into auto pilot.  I take care of my sick kid, and somehow all the other stuff gets taken care of on the sidelines.  I texted friends who were awesome and able to get some small things done that needed to be taken care of today, as well as keep me informed of the poll results from my middle child running for school President, with her best friend as Vice.  I was hoping to be there for the announcement, but again, I have a sick kid, reality is I can’t be there.  Spoiler alert:  SHE WON!!!!!  I’m so proud of them!  Very thankful for my ‘village’ that helps keep everything going smoothly!

So, my computer is moved into the house from the office for the day.  Spongebob is playing in the background.  My clothes seem to say that I’m the one sick with my warmest fleece sweats and hoodie.  But, my little one’s fever is at bay for now until the Advil wears off, and hopefully all will be clear before her birthday this Friday.

I’m very thankful to be able to stay home and go into auto pilot when it is needed the most.


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