Carly Simon said it best.

My body did a one step forward, two steps back in the last 24 hours.  This could have been witnessed by me passed out on the couch at 9:30 am this morning while hoping that throwing up was not going to be part of the migraine bargain.

All that keeps going through my head is this:


I have no idea any of the words other than the chorus, which is totally fitting.

This week brings my freshman son’s first two high school baseball games, my middle daughter’s 12th birthday, work, my youngest’s last basketball game, soon to be 12 year old’s softball try outs, and getting all set up for a 12 year old’s sleep over with 5 friends at our house.

Oh, and my youngest has been home sick from school since last Thursday.

I can not say this is the worst week ever, not even close.  Just not a convenient week.

Although, it has allowed me to totally plan out meals from Pinterest that I will probably never really get to, as well as never have any players waiting for me in Words With Friends or Trivia Crack.

Please know, I’m just getting this out there so I can have a good laugh, I’m not down.  Gotta laugh at it all, that’s what keeps me sane and makes me feel kind of human while trying not to gag.

Laughing is my favorite.

Just keep swimming…

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