No Chores!!

Best part of getting away on a vacation, no chores.

At home, there is always, always something that should or could be done.

Not when you’re at Embassy Suites and it’s free happy hour and the kids get to scarf on animal crackers and trail mix, and we get to have wine.

There’s no laundry to be done when I’m sitting poolside watching my kids splash and have fun.

There’s no dishes to be done other than placing the room service tray outside the door.  (Man, what I would do for that kind of service at home!!)

There’s no making dinner, or the second part of making dinner, hearing the complaints from my children about what’s for dinner.  You want chicken nuggets and fries for 2 days in a row?  Cool, knock yourself out.  We’ll be back to complaining about what I’m making for dinner in a couple of days.

Down time.  Together.  The five of us.

Talking, laughing, a bit of arguing (there’s five of us, wouldn’t be normal without it), and a lot of relaxing.

An overall feeling of thankfulness, with multiple special moments.

Vacations rock.  Even short ones!


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