4 Reasons I don’t like the kids’ Spring Break

Overall, Spring Break is awesome.  Of the three 2 week breaks my kids get in their school year, the Spring Break is probably the most needed.  In October, they get a 2 week break, and it’s great, I feel a sense of ‘Oh ya, this is what summer felt like.’  The 2 week break at Christmas time is always nice, festive, and busy.  Then, there’s the 2 week Spring Break.  It’s needed.

The kids can feel the summer just around the corner, they’ve been working hard, and this 2 week break is well deserved!

Awesome weather, day trips, overnight trips, sleep overs with friends, and movies were had over this Spring Break.

So what is there not to like about the kids’ Spring Break?  Let’s just say it all goes down the weekend before school resumes:

4.  The return of making school lunches. School lunches are my nemesis.  My son is in the 9th grade, and has never, ever, bought a school lunch.  I’ve tried to coax him into trying the school lunch ‘look, they have pizza!  You like pizza!’  No go.  Both girls tried the school lunch once.  Not that I necessarily want them eating the school lunch, I just always thought buying school lunch would be a nice break from having to make lunches at home.  Now, the job of getting a break from making lunches at home goes to pizza dinner the night before, resulting in pizza in the kids lunches the next day.  Oh, but don’t be fooled, that’s only for 2 out of the 3 kids because one of them doesn’t like pizza.  All three kids like different things.  I try to get my act together and make lunches the night before so I have a sense of accomplishment in the morning, but that certainly doesn’t always happen, and the morning turns into throwing things into a lunch box and convincing myself and them that it qualifies as lunch.

3.  The return of waking up early. The Spring Break held many wonderful memories.  One being multiple days of a quiet, resting house past the 8:30 AM mark.  This first morning back wake up is not going to be pretty.  I hope I have enough Pop Tarts to make the morning a success.

2.  Homework over Spring Break. My kids are not the ones from fairy tales that come home and get their home work done so that it’s out of the way, and they can enjoy their break, work free.  Nope.  The Friday before we return to school, after having two weeks to work on homework, what we have is me trying to wrangle wild horses to sit down and complete their homework.  Sayings such as ‘You should have gotten this done within the first two days of break.’, or ‘If you would have done a little bit every couple of days you wouldn’t have all of this to do right now.’ or ‘This will not be happening again, you waiting until the last minute.’ (even though it totally will) were what was coming out of my mouth.  Out of the kids mouth were ‘This is so unfair!’  or ‘I can’t do it!’, or ‘I want to wait until Sunday!’ (no way).

1.  Complaints about returning to school. The whining, complaining, and even crying about returning to school is overwhelming.  To set the record straight, my kids have excellent teachers and go to great schools.  It’s not the schools, and it’s not the teachers.  My kids just like being at home.  About Friday, when homework had to finally be tackled, is when the complaints about returning to school started.  And by Sunday night, they were in full force.  The crying from one child lasted for a long time, and in the end I heard voiced between sobs, ‘But I am going to miss you mom.  I’m going to be away from you for 6 hours.’  It caught me off guard, and that is a memory I will hold in my heart for a long time.  Truth is, I’ll miss them for those 6+ hours too. Here’s to the final push to summer time!

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