Dear kids, a little Journey and old school rap in your ears will not kill you, I promise.

If you can, and have been known to play kick ass air drums to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”, this post is for you, read on.

When I have kids in my car, the music being played is primarily top 40 pop hits. I really like music, so it’s not hard for me to listen to current hits channels, and to know most of the line up.  Although, it’s also to stay in touch with what my kids are listening to, so they won’t be like I was growing up, and purchase and memorize 2 Live Crew’s “We want some…’ (you know the rest) without my parents having any idea.

I enjoy a diverse range of music.  When I do not have kids in my car, I can swap between Aerosmith, Hall and Oates, P!nk, Coldplay, Three Dog Night, or Notorious B.I.G. and be equally satisfied.

So, this leads me to what happened in our car over a recent weekend. We had an hour and a half drive, all five of us in the car.  The music started on the top 40 pop hits channels, then, as I was surfing through my satellite radio channels, along came Journey’s “Feeling That Way/Anytime”, and I played it loud!  So loud, that it drowned out my daughters shouts of ‘can you please change this??!!’  No, no, I’m not going to change it so we can hear “Fancy” for the 22nd time this week.  My turn.  And oh what a turn I had!

Next, on came the Old School channel.  Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “My Hooptie”.  Oooooooh, ya!  My 9 year old yells ‘What the heck?’ as it is blaring through the car.  What the heck?  My first car was a Datsun 510 Wagon, orange! This is the theme song from my young driving days!

Next up, Doug E. Fresh, “La Di Da Di”.  Are you kidding me?  Does my family even know that I can recite EVERY word to this song?  They do now!  The comments from the back seat seemed endless, ‘What is this?’  ‘Did you have any normal music?’

There was some De La Soul, some Snoop Dogg, and a lot of Cabbage Patching and Reeboking going on in the passenger seat of my car that day.  The bantering from the backseat continued, ‘Why do you guys like this stuff?’  ‘This is old, OLD school.’  ‘Is this like from the 70’s?’  And then, ‘When I go to school tomorrow, and they ask what did I do over the weekend, I’m going to say I listened to terrible music for 2 hours.’

As we began to get more current with the tunes, Beyonce/Jay-Z’s “Crazy in Love” came on and my attempted dancing skills prompted my husband to dub me Mommyonce.

Finally, as I flipped back to the top 40 pop hit channel and “Black Widow” was pumping through our speakers, I glanced into the backseat, and asked my youngest, ‘is this better?’  She nodded her head and gave me a look like she had been underwater and I just handed her an oxygen mask.

Here’s the thing.  If I had to listen to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups song no less than 72 times, in addition to having my daughters play the song on their hands and thighs in the car and on tables when we sat down for two months straight, listening to a little Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon isn’t going to kill them.

So, if you got all the Macarena and Electric Slide moves, if you try and play off that you know the first words to Def Leppard’s “Pyromania”, if you can clap with perfect precision at the right times to Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run”, if you see yourself in Garth’s car when singing along to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and then picture Axl Rose rocking it to the fast part during the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert (both scenes are truly what I picture each time I sing along!), if at times you picture Jackie Chan staring down Chris Tucker’s dance moves when you hear Jay Z’s “Can I get A”, or can rap to Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel”, enjoy any moment you get for your turn of the radio dial, and own it!

Mommyonce out!

Right at the 3:15 mark:

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