I’m at the bottom of the bed hierarchy…

12:01 am, I wake up to my crying 9 year old standing next to my bed.  I’m trying to come to life and recognize where I am, why there is crying, and what needs to be done.  I’m sure I asked strange questions as I acclimated to the situation.  Our previous day came rushing back to me, doctors appointment confirming swimmers ear.  Ok, now I’m on board.  My comatose husband who had found my hiding spot for the peanuts and had secretly been back and forth to them through the night mumbled something nice and comforting towards the crying, as I began the ear infection protocol (one that I know too well…)

  1. Kid into my bed, propped up high on pillows.
  2. Go into kitchen for ibuprofen and water, give to kid who is in my bed.
  3. Back into kitchen to warm up wet washcloth and put into ziploc for her to apply to her ear.
  4. Ask myself why in the !&*# I didn’t suck it up and go back to Walgreens last night to get the ear numbing prescription to accompany her drops, even though she had been feeling awesome when I knew the middle of the night would bring this?
  5. Find somewhere to sleep since she now has my spot.

Can’t go to the couch, because she has her friend over for a sleep over and that’s where they were camped out.  It would be weird for her friend, even though I’ve known her her whole life to wake up and find her friend’s mom next to her, not her BFF.

Can’t go to her bunk bed.  I’m totally afraid that I will fall down that ladder and truly break my neck.  Let alone, it has got to be at least 10 degrees hotter up there.

Image 1

Looks like the window seat is my spot.  4′ x 3′ area with 2″ padding.  I’m a little over 5’9″, but it will work.


I love my cat Kiki so much, and she obviously loves me right back, so that is why she felt that she needed to join me on my pillow on the window seat so I wasn’t lonely.  5’9″ me, and my large cat on the 4′ x 3′ window seat.  I’m thinking Mom Award.

Settling in for a great sleep now…

Why at 12:51 am is there a bird outside auditioning for number one song bird in America?!!!?  It’s DARK!  It’s one thing when you’re sitting outside in the evening and you hear this particular bird  sing all it’s songs, but going through all of it’s greatest hits when you should be sleeping is not as captivating to say the least.

And WHAT is that neighborhood dog barking about for 44 minutes straight?  I’m serious, what could it be?

1:00 am, littlest is back up, smaller cries, asking for me to rewarm the compress.  After rewarming, she is coerced back to the couch.

From 1:09 until 1:13, the number one song bird in America took a short snooze, and is now back at it.

Here it is 1:29, bird going for it hard core, neighborhood dog has even stopped, I’m back in my spot in my own bed, although obviously not sleeping….

But still being taken care of:

Image 2 I love Kiki.  It’s hilarious she now sleeps on my pillow.

Sleep is not in my near future.  As I am writing this at 1:44, the neighborhood dog is back at it.  Good grief people, you may want to check at what it is barking at now.  Or at least bring it the heck indoors.  Bird, still full force at it.  But, a sleeping 9 year old, which makes it all good.

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