Well that sucked…

I didn’t expect to have to try out ginger just 2 days after writing Ginger for Migraines!

But, here I am, migraine in full effect today.  Could have been the heat, I’m sure that didn’t help.  Or that I missed my green smoothie today, which could have helped to prevent it.  I had friends over, including my good friend from Virginia for just a few hours, and didn’t want to interrupt my time by stopping to make my smoothie.  My bad.

When I got back home after getting the migraine, I mixed 1/2 tsp of ground ginger into a small glass of water.

So, was it ‘abracadabra, migraine gone?’  I don’t know.  I do know that about 10 minutes after drinking the ginger, the nausea was gone.  And within an hour I was feeling much more like myself, although still could use a whole house fan for my head.  I don’t think anything will ever combat the feeling of having something heavy and weighing down my head and face.

The real test will be tomorrow….the headache.  I’ll see if it is minimized, or if not, if more ginger helps to relieve it.  Here’s to hoping!

Still, overall, can’t complain too much.  Only my 3rd migraine since September which I feel is big ‘Winning’ compared to three per week which was my reality pre-August, 2014!!

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