The summer of creepiness and creatures…

Of all the creepy and creature surprises so far of this summer (it has been a bit much), the animal cracker such as the one in the picture above has created the most surprise and confusion.  More on that below…  For now, this is what we have encountered so far this summer:

I believe it was the first week of summer when my daughter ran in and said the chickens had this cornered in the backyard:


 I ran back there to appreciate my chickens fully for their attempt at cornering this thing.  Snakes are my number one fear/freak out, and this is only the second snake we have ever found in our yard in over 18 years.  Once I saw it, and started doing a weird crazy dance of grossing out, my husband took over, and corralled it into a butterfly netted carrier, and took it down the road, across the street, and into a creek with my 2 girls and a friend thrilled to be a part of it.  Yuck.

Next up on my summer adventure with creepiness and creatures was this guy:


As I was walking outside to turn off some sprinklers, I saw this on the cover of our hot tub.  I screamed ‘Whoa!’ real loud.  Pretty sure the neighborhood wondered if we had gotten a horse and it was now running out of control.  Nope, just a gross, inappropriately large beetle hanging out.

There was this:


A wolf spider, that upon seeing it in the windowsill of the office, my son proclaimed ‘it can not live here’.

On to the neat/fun creature part of the spectrum (although it too had a creepiness factor).  As I was talking to our insurance agent on the phone, I looked out my front window at the large tree we have in our front yard, and I saw a paw/hand reaching out of a hole in the tree holding onto a large branch.  I yelled for my middle daughter to come look, she thought it was a squirrel.  Um, that would be a really big squirrel!  Then, a few minutes later, this guy poked his head out:


That night, we discovered there were 4 babies.  Super cute, clumsy little guys all climbing over one another.



We all sat on the grass and watched them for a long time.  Then, when I went back to check them out again, the mama stuck her head out and hissed at me.  Ok, not cute anymore.  I’m scared.

So, through all this excitement and creepiness, this last discovery has left me the most surprised and perplexed…

Getting into the shower, an animal cookie was found by my husband on the tile floor inside the shower.


My husband asked why there was an animal cookie on the floor.  I had no idea.

Of course he left it there, and then when I took a shower later, it made me curious again about why in the world an animal cracker was on the floor of my shower.  (I, did not leave the cracker on the floor.  I instead smushed it up real good so it would go down the drain.  Don’t judge my cleaning process.)

So, I asked my son, ‘Why was there an animal cracker in the shower?’

Son:  ‘What?  I don’t know.  It wasn’t me.’

I texted my husband who had my daughters with him,

Me:  ‘Would you please ask the girls why there was an animal cracker in the shower?’

Him:  ‘L wanted to eat one and B threw it to her.  It fell in the water though.’

I guess that explains that.  Sigh.

I’m good for the summer now, I’d be just fine with no more surprises thanks.


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