My blog is 1 year old, where’s my cake?

This is my 87th blog post, and today is my blog’s birthday.  I’m considering this to be my ‘Greatest Hits So Far’ post.

One year ago, I started my blog.  Thanks to my sister in law, upon her suggestion, I began sharing my migraine experiences, along with lots of other tidbits from my life, and as a result, have had 4,150 views of my posts.  Crazy.

It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m so thankful, and still a bit overwhelmed by the great feedback I have gotten.

So, to celebrate, here are the TOP 10 VIEWED POSTS from this past year:

10.  My littlest is sick.  Life stops when my kids get sick, and that’s ok.

9.  School Sleepover for Teachers  A teachers work is never done.

8.  For the love of dogs… A celebration of the dogs in my life.

7.  Oops I did it again!  Putting my foot in my mouth…again.

6.  I miss Little League (One of my favorites!!  Baseball is and has been a huge part of our family.)

5.  Part 3:  Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb Part 3 of me trying to accept my kids reality of the dangers they prepare for at school.

4.  Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb (Part 1)  Part 1 of me trying to accept my kids reality of the dangers they prepare for at school.

3.  Thoughts on my 17th wedding anniversary…  17 years married is a long time, it wasn’t a glamorous celebration, but its all worth it.

2.  My husband is my best friend…NOT  My husband doesn’t even want that job…

And the number 1 viewed post, my very first one:

‘Winning’ (Charlie Sheen reference of course) the endless game of migraines (for this quarter at least)  My migraine story.

Here are 3 of my personal favorites:

An Ode to See’s Candy  See’s is my favorite thing.

I am one step up from Jammie Bottoms  I love my jammies, but I will not wear them out in public.

The Mom Awards  The awards that we deserve for the little things we don’t have to do.

Thanks guys, I appreciate that I can make you smile from time to time!!  

It really is super cool!

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