You’re killin’ me Comcast!

Hot pokers in my eyes, or calling Comcast again soon. Below is why I would struggle with this decision.

I have spoken to Comcast technical support four times this week totaling over three hours of my life. 

I received a new router tower thing after being told the reason for my slow internet speed was because my old router was, well, old.

Call 1:  I had to call to ‘activate’ my internet after I had already set it up, and activated it online when it worked for 5 minutes.  This was not a short phone call.

Call 2: My son called the second time when the router accidentally was unplugged and had to be reset and the cable unplugged, and so on.

Call 3:  Realized my home phone wasn’t working. Yes, we are the odd family that still has a home phone, primarily for the two children in the family that don’t have cell phones. We never use it, that’s why I didn’t even know it wasn’t working. Resetting, resending signals, 45 minutes later, he needed to reconfirm my account address as he was asking about our second account at a different address.  At this point, I lost it. 

Call 4: When I got to our second address where we have Comcast today, no internet access. Called, and one of the previous three calls about my home service resulted in our second account being disabled by a technican.  Had to reset and resend signals, etc. Unbelievable. 

At this point, if it was between sticking a hot poker in my eye and calling Comcast for technical support, it’s a coin toss. 

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