I love my family, See’s Candy, and trying to get away on vacation as often as possible!  I have a husband, three kids ages between 10-17, three dogs, four cats, two goats, and three chickens.  I’m known as the OSHA surveyor in our family, pretty nervous about safety.  But usually game for about anything that doesn’t involve a high concentration of rattle snakes, or my newly discovered dislike of riding ATVs on beach dunes.  Love mountain bike riding, but am known to whine if there are too many uphills.  I run and exercise so I can do more of what I love, eat.  I’m first a stay at home mom, (the rest you can number how you like), Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Substitute Teacher, bookkeeper for our family business, and too many volunteer situations where I raise my hands than you can count.

I started this blog to see if my experience with migraines could help others.  In the process I’ve been able to write about all sorts of things!

You can contact me at youcantarguewithcrazy@gmail.com

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