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Can’t wait to spend my $800,000

Dear Mr. Song Soo Shin,

I can not believe my good fortune in being able to collect $800,000.  All I need to do is give you any form of my identification, for example:  my international passport or my “driver license”, my telephone and fax numbers for easy communication.  And “more also” my mailing address where this Draft will be delivered?  My gosh, don’t forget, you probably need my social security number also don’t you?  I’m certain this would make it even easier for you to deliver these funds.

Just to clarify, you need me to “hasten up and pick this Fund?”  I’m not too sure what that means, but ok.  I’m sure that once you get all of my personal information, possibly the blood of my firstborn as well, that will all be worked out.

I can not believe that this is my last chance to cash in on this amazing opportunity.  I have no idea why your past emails have gone unanswered by me.  I feel so bad for wasting your time previously.  I so apologize for that, and am unmeasurably appreciative that you sent me one last email.

Thank you Mr. Song Soo Shin, I can not wait to tell my family that we get to book a 2 week trip to Hawaii, buy new cars for everyone, and get those ponies that my daughters have always wanted.  Followed by a big fat addition on our home so my kids don’t have to share a room any longer.  Truly Mr. Song Soo Shin, I have you to thank for future decreased fighting between siblings in this house.

Getting my personal identification records ready to forward you now….




Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.05.35 PM


There was a lesson in there…

I went out to meet the delivery guy in the driveway.  He couldn’t find which package was mine in an overstuffed van of packages.  He asked “Amazon?” I had to go through my memory banks real quick, and amazingly, I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon that hasn’t already been delivered this week.  (aka:  Amazon Prime addiction.)  Then I said “Staples!  I ordered office supplies from Staples.”

“Oh ya, got it.”  And he proceeded to go around to the side door and get my packages out.

“Man, you have a lot of stuff in there!” I said.

And this is where it got interesting…

“This is a great job.  I work 4 hours a day, more if I want.  My girl almost got relocated with her job.  Shit, I didn’t want to go.  I like my job.”

Again, I’m not easily offended, (Swearing 101) especially by swearing, but it always does surprise me when someone swears when they are on the job, and dealing with the customer.

“I was so happy when she didn’t get relocated because I didn’t want to go and leave this job.” He had a smile on his face from the moment he got in my driveway, and as he was trying to scan one of the boxes, and it wouldn’t take, again, another “shit” as he smoothed out the scan sticker.

Here’s the thing, this encounter has been on my mind since he’s left.  Here’s a guy, safe to say ‘rough around the edges’, yet with a smile on his face, appreciates and really likes his job.  We should all be so lucky.


My 100th Post! How did that happen?

I can’t believe this is the 100th post on my blog.

The fact that I’ve had enough to say about something 100 times is pretty crazy, but also pretty cool.

As my blog states, You can’t argue with crazy is about how ‘Migraines suck, and other tidbits of my life!’

Well, as I look back through these 100 posts, I’ve written a lot about the other tidbits…

Here’s a few of those tidbits from along the way to 100.  They make me laugh and smile.  So, hopefully when you click on them and read them, they make you laugh and smile too!

Take for instance, posts about bugs:

Or animals:

My husband:  

My Recreation Therapy profession:  

My kids/parenting:

Random no real category posts:

And of course, migraines:

There is one thing about this whole blog experience that leaves me puzzled.  How in the world people find my blog from some of the things they search!

Here are some search terms that led people to my blog.  I can’t make this stuff up:

  • how can someone be so drunk that they do abnormal things like peeling wallpaper
  • when moms argue because kids friends argue
  • can fruit fly follow you

and, the one web search that got them to my site, that is just nuts:

  • i promise. I will kill you soon.

That one just makes me nervous!  What the heck?  How did that lead to my blog about migraines?  The internet is weird.  Maybe they got my anti-migraine smoothie recipe and all is good now.  Hope so!

Anyway, 100 is a lot!  And I have my sister in law to thank for this very first post to You can’t argue with crazy:

‘Winning’ (Charlie Sheen reference of course) the endless game of migraines (for this quarter at least)

Swearing 101

If you’re going to swear, know your audience.

Standing, waiting to be checked out at a local office supply store, I had to listen in to a conversation between co workers behind the cash registers, who all clearly saw me and knew that I was in line waiting to be called over.  As the one female dropped the F bomb in the middle of the story, she giggled, and covered her mouth and said ‘ooops’.

Ya, I didn’t want to hear your story in the first place, I want to pay for my things and leave.  And I also don’t need you to be dropping the F bomb at your place of employment where you are supposed to be professional.

Offended is way too strong of a word for what I felt hearing her drop the F bomb.  I didn’t yell out ‘WHOA, you kiss your mother with that mouth?”  It was more like I just felt like saying ‘Clean it up, it’s not cute.  Know your audience.’

I swear.  Pretty much always have.  I still remember my first bad words.  5th grade, on the playground, I called someone a Friggin F**k hound.  I have no idea what that meant, nor where I got it, but I stuck it on someone for some reason or another.  I certainly did not swear often as a child.  And I still do not swear all the time, and most definitely not in front of everyone I know.  There’s the rule, know your audience.

There are people  who I will never in my life swear in front of.

And there are people, old, fantastic friends who I have known for life, that when around them, it’s like I just changed out of tight pants into sweats and can let the words flow.  No filter, no regrets, not judgement.  Using the words as an emphasis, and part of the way our friendship cracks each other up.

That’s not everyone though, and that’s the point.  To the rookie telling the story at the office supply store, know your audience.  Clean it up, no one needed that.

99 Cent Store Adventures…

I went to the 99 Cent store last week.

And as a precautionary disclaimer, I am not a 99 Cent or Dollar Store hater.  I love these places.  Proof is in this receipt here:


Who spends over $90 at the 99 Cents store?  Me.

I wandered up and down every aisle, and put multiple things in my cart along the way.  All while wearing my sunglasses inside so I don’t get a migraine.  (I have gotten migraines in this store twice in the past, I’m thinking it’s due to the lights.)  So now, I walk around like I’m cool or something with my sunglasses on while cruising up and down the aisles.

So, with it being stated that I am not a hater.  There are some things that just can’t avoid being pointed out.

I will share these with you, as I did with my oldest, lifelong friend through texts throughout my shopping trip.




And if you needed to see it more up close, here it is:



Wow.  Did not know he has his own food line.  ‘Just Add Beer’ it says.


One of the reasons I went to this store, was to pick up more of the cereal my youngest likes.  It’s Jif.  Yes.  Like the peanut butter.  Don’t judge.  It was at Safeway months ago for about $4.69 a box.  I found it here a couple of weeks ago, and was glad to find it was still here!



Choco Ronis:

IMG_6535 I didn’t buy those. 


This would have made bath time way more successful back in the day of little kids.  I may go back and get a bottle, put it in the shower, see what happens.  It’s 99 cents.  You can do that.



And finally, I saved the best for last:



I love that store.  Constant good deals while being entertained.


Oh ya, and I texted this to my middle brother while there:



You have to watch it now.  So great!

BBQ Chicken Nachos

There are some things that I cook, that makes me think ‘If I ever had a restaurant, I’d serve this.  And people would love it.’

BBQ chicken nachos is one of these.  And it’s ridiculously easy.

I’m not going to ever open a restaurant, so, I’ll share my BBQ chicken nachos here with you.  At the end of this post is the official concoction of how to put these bad boys together.

First is my quick, must eat now version that I did today, no optional toppings, just a ‘Must eat food now’ version.

I used these chips:


I bought them at Costco, and they are like a cross between a cracker and a tortilla chip to me, they worked with these nachos really well.

I had left over BBQ chicken breasts.  Use whatever type you like or have left over.  I really like the Kinders BBQ chicken breasts which are already marinated and vacuum sealed from Costco.  It’s a little lazy, but they come out perfect each time.

I used a mix of cheddar/jack cheese.  And drizzled some BBQ sauce over the top after it was all melted.

Now, how I did these today, is not the ultimate.  I was at the point of being so hungry that my mantra was ‘Must eat food now.’  So, my nachos weren’t fancy, but still really, really good.


Tomorrow, my nachos will be even better, because I will add the following:


Some corn,


Fresh tomatoes,


Black beans,


And sprinkle some cilantro over the top of my creation.

I would definitely serve Cherry Margaritas at my pretend future restaurant.  Although unfortunately, I can’t hit the tequila mid day due to an unlimited amount of responsibilities that make up my lifestyle.

And for dessert at my pretend future restaurant, I would serve See’s on a silver platter, where everyone could choose their favorite one.  Thankfully, this is something I can, and did partake in midday:


If you try the nachos, let me know how you liked them!


“Let’s roll” will forever belong to Todd Beamer.

I originally posted this on 9/11/14.  ‘Never forget.’

It was very early the morning of September 11, 2001 when the phone rang and woke me up.

My mom was on the other line and said “Your dad’s work just called, he’s supposed to be in a meeting at the World Trade Center.  There’s been an attack.  They can’t find him and haven’t heard from him.  Turn on the TV.”

I turned on the TV and tried to wrap my brain around what I was seeing.  After we got off the phone, I stood staring at the picture on the screen of the smoking buildings.  I stared into the TV screen thinking “my dad could be in there right now!”  Wondering into the TV whether my dad was alive or dead.

I hadn’t even known my dad was in New York.  He went often enough for work that it wasn’t strange that he was there without me knowing.

My husband and I spent the morning in a daze, watching TV and trying to comprehend what we were seeing.  My son was 15 months at the time, and I remember thinking later that he was so calm that day, not needy, not loud.  Almost like he knew that was necessary of him.

I left a message on my dads cell phone.  My dad never ever has his phone turned on.  So, leaving a message was my only hope of trying to contact him.

My mom and I spoke throughout the morning, she had no new information.  She was kinda scattered, maybe a bit in shock thinking of the possibility of my dad being gone.  I remember talking to her about whether or not she should go to work, and convincing her that she should stay home so my dad could call her.

It was a little after 12:00 noon when we got the phone call.  It was my dad.  He was safe.

He had been running a little late for his meeting, as he was walking towards the World Trade Center, which he had been to many times in the past, he saw the second plane flying very low.  He said he had thought it was strange how low the plane was flying, and then, soon after, was being turned around to leave the area.  He said he walked for miles.  It took him days to get home to California.  He met people and together they took buses, and rented cars to get home.

The Friday night following that September 11th, my husband and I with our young son went to our town fair.  I remember them playing ‘Proud to be and American’ by Lee Greenwood.  Tears streamed down my face as well as many others.

The Saturday after my dad got back to California, my dad and mom drove up to see us, and our son.  He talked about the events a lot, but I could tell he was just happy to be hanging out with his grandson, a bit of normal after an unreal week.

We were one of the lucky ones, our family.

I told this story to my 5th grade class that I long term subbed for last year.  They were silent through the whole story.  When I got to the point where my dad called our house, a 5th grade boy grabbed his chest with both hands over his heart, his eyes were huge, and he let out a very long, very loud “ooooohhhhhhhh!!”  He was so genuinely relieved that my dad had been ok.  That grabbed me.  This class can learn about 9/11 in books, but I’d like to think that especially for this one boy, he’ll remember some of the feelings that come with that day.

As we learned of the many stories of September 11th through the following days and weeks, the one that has always stuck with me is Todd Beamer, Flight 93.  Each and every time I have heard the phrase “Let’s Roll” since hearing of him declaring those words, I think of him.  Here was a man, with the most unimaginable task in front of him.  His reaction was let’s get what has to be done, “Let’s roll.”  Amazing.

Later in the afternoon of September 11, 2001, my mom and I were again talking on the phone.  She said she was going to go outside and hang up her American flag.  After we got off the phone, I went and purchased an American flag.  We have had an American flag flying outside of our home ever since.  I’ve had to replace many over these 13 years.  And each time I do, as well as when I stop to notice our flag flying outside our home, I think of how beautiful it it.

It really is beautiful.  Thank you to the heroes of that day.

Image 1

My blog is 1 year old, where’s my cake?

This is my 87th blog post, and today is my blog’s birthday.  I’m considering this to be my ‘Greatest Hits So Far’ post.

One year ago, I started my blog.  Thanks to my sister in law, upon her suggestion, I began sharing my migraine experiences, along with lots of other tidbits from my life, and as a result, have had 4,150 views of my posts.  Crazy.

It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m so thankful, and still a bit overwhelmed by the great feedback I have gotten.

So, to celebrate, here are the TOP 10 VIEWED POSTS from this past year:

10.  My littlest is sick.  Life stops when my kids get sick, and that’s ok.

9.  School Sleepover for Teachers  A teachers work is never done.

8.  For the love of dogs… A celebration of the dogs in my life.

7.  Oops I did it again!  Putting my foot in my mouth…again.

6.  I miss Little League (One of my favorites!!  Baseball is and has been a huge part of our family.)

5.  Part 3:  Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb Part 3 of me trying to accept my kids reality of the dangers they prepare for at school.

4.  Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb (Part 1)  Part 1 of me trying to accept my kids reality of the dangers they prepare for at school.

3.  Thoughts on my 17th wedding anniversary…  17 years married is a long time, it wasn’t a glamorous celebration, but its all worth it.

2.  My husband is my best friend…NOT  My husband doesn’t even want that job…

And the number 1 viewed post, my very first one:

‘Winning’ (Charlie Sheen reference of course) the endless game of migraines (for this quarter at least)  My migraine story.

Here are 3 of my personal favorites:

An Ode to See’s Candy  See’s is my favorite thing.

I am one step up from Jammie Bottoms  I love my jammies, but I will not wear them out in public.

The Mom Awards  The awards that we deserve for the little things we don’t have to do.

Thanks guys, I appreciate that I can make you smile from time to time!!  

It really is super cool!


My fear of snakes is well known.

I have SO much to say after watching the full 4:04 length video of this SNAKE FIGHT!!! WHAT???

  1. I will never, ever go to Singapore.
  2. I loved the part in the beginning where the man filming said in a very high voice, ‘Hooooo!’
  3. Why in the wide world of sports were those people standing 3 feet from from the SNAKE FIGHT!!!
  4. Those were BIG ASS SNAKES!
  5. Where is the one that went in the bushes?
    1. Why are there still people walking around when there is a snake like that in the bushes.
  6. That poor guy who had to hold the bag.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched that.  Half out of fear, half out of laughter.  Just a guy in a t-shirt, holding a white bag for a 6 foot long snake that was just in a SNAKE FIGHT to go into!

A python, and a cobra, frickin’ SNAKE FIGHT!  I’m now exhausted.

Dear kids, a little Journey and old school rap in your ears will not kill you, I promise.

If you can, and have been known to play kick ass air drums to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”, this post is for you, read on.

When I have kids in my car, the music being played is primarily top 40 pop hits. I really like music, so it’s not hard for me to listen to current hits channels, and to know most of the line up.  Although, it’s also to stay in touch with what my kids are listening to, so they won’t be like I was growing up, and purchase and memorize 2 Live Crew’s “We want some…’ (you know the rest) without my parents having any idea.

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