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8 new t-shirt slogans for your non-badass days

Do your best all the time.  Give 100% always.  Give it your all everyday.  These are great messages that can fuel us and our kids.  Some t-shirts say it best and can bring out our inner badass:

  • Just Do It
  • 2nd Place is the 1st Loser
  • My Game is Sick, too bad it ain’t contagious
  • Be Legendary
  • They can’t stop what they can’t catch
  • Wake up, Kick ass, Repeat
  • Losing is not an option
  • Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded
  • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

But what about the days when you aren’t feeling like a badass?  Here are some slogans I’d like to see on a t-shirt:

  1. Gettin’ it done so I don’t feel like a loser
  3. I got a C- and my life is still going to be just fine
  4. I did some stuff, now I get to play Trivia Crack
  5. I’m SO TIRED today
  6. Yes, seriously, this really is as fast as I can go
  7. Not My Best Work Today

Being at the top is an amazing feeling.  Working to be your best is an important job.  But every now and then, I  think it’s necessary to throw on an ‘I Showed Up Today‘ t-shirt (#8).  Then the next day you can go back to sporting your ‘Go Hard or Go Home‘ gear.

My husband is my best friend…NOT

“My husband is my best friend.”

If a note were passed to me and it said ‘who is your best friend?’ My husband’s name is not who I would write down.  And I think that is perfectly ok.

I chose my husband, out of all of the people in the world to spend my entire life with, together side by side until my very last breath.  I think that’s pretty good.  And I’d still pick him, all these years later.  Pretty damn good.

I am so fortunate, I have always had a fantastic set of friends throughout my life, many of them best friends.  My husband has a ton of great friends also, many of them still strong friendships from childhood.

Honestly, I don’t think my husband would want the roll as my best friend if he sat down and thought about it.  Here are some things he’d have to do as my best friend, and he’d hate it:

  • Talk about the percentage that was saved by using the Safeway Club Card off of the whole bill.  Compare and discuss for about 15 minutes.
  • Talk about how Trader Joe’s really isn’t that expensive, like I had the impression of.  Proceed to list my favorite things to buy there, compare, then discuss for about 15 minutes.
  • While away for a weekend, sit and lounge in jammies for the day while ordering movies on pay per view.
  • Talk about what we want to have for dinner at breakfast time.
  • Text about a reference to an event that had happened about 10 years ago, with full expectation of a best friend being able to nail the reference, and respond.
  • Wake up, not sleep through a phone call that is being received after a best friend has gone to sleep.  This hour of phone call would only mean that a) something is wrong, or b) something was really funny that couldn’t wait until the next day.
  • Talk to me on the phone while we are both making dinner and discuss what exactly we are making, how to make it, where we got the ingredients, and who will and won’t eat it in the family.  This may or may not relate back to a prior Safeway or Trader Joe’s conversation.
  • Order an extra mascara for a best friend when placing your order because she likes it too.
  • Get teary eyed when a best friend is emotional over something.
  • Send texts to each other of your drink when you’re having your best friends favorite beer with ‘wish we were having one together.’
  • Make homemade snickerdoodle cookies when your best friend gives birth just in case the chocolate chips would affect the breast milk.
  • Have important, lengthy conversations about people who are famous i.e.: Is Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman?  Do you think that Jay-Z and Beyonce are splitting up, because I don’t.
  • Texts back and forth with pictures of the song that’s displayed on the car radio, or just a song that you had heard earlier.  (This also is immediately referenced and replied to.)
  • Make reference to Loony Tunes whenever applicable, as well as other coined phrases from cartoons of our youth.
  • Texting to see if I noticed that E-40 is in the front row behind home plate at the Giants game.
  • Make reference to Eddie Murphy whenever applicable.  (ie:  ‘Sorry about your job’ when someone is bent out of shape.)
  • Always respond with ’24 robbers came knocking at my door’ when a story is started with ‘not last night but the night before.’
  • Laughing and crying at the same episode of Scrubs, or, The Office.
  • When something new is learned about an ex boyfriend, a moment must be taken for discussion, and the discussion must always include how lame he is, and how thankful you are that you dodged that bullet.
  • Have a running list of songs and what memory they pertain to in order to reference at any time.  You must nail this one each and every time.
  • Talk about food.  Endless talks about food.  Even if the particular food has been discussed at length in a prior conversation, be prepared to discuss it’s wonderfulness again.

Here’s the thing, my husband is someone who can make me laugh harder than anyone, and the person that I can have the best time with.  Although, he’s also the one that can make me see red.  My best friends help level that playing field at times.  Kinda like a shield to my husband for when I’m seeing red sometimes.  If I can talk and vent and get things out to my best friend when I’m annoyed (or pissed) it takes A LOT of edge off of me, and therefore doesn’t get fired back on him. There are times, every now and then, when I’m mad over something, and those every now and then times, I can overreact.  (So seldom do I overreact that it really shouldn’t even be mentioned…..ha ha, a bit sarcastic.)  I am someone who needs to vent.  I need to make sense of things in my head before I can move on.    Don’t think that I share everything, or private things about my marriage with my best friends, I don’t want to be misconstrued, the point is that at times venting about something allows me to get over it quicker than if I didn’t!

I’m not a hater, I love to see married couples happy.  If your husband is your best friend, that’s awesome.  This post is my best friend outlook.  I’ll keep my best friends that I’ve made throughout my life.  And I’ll keep him as the person that I chose above all others to spend my life with, that’s a pretty good title if I do say so myself.

Disclaimer:  If you are reading this and thinking my husband’s feelings may be hurt, they aren’t.  He read it, he approved, and thought it was pretty funny.  He’s pretty thick skinned, and has a good sense of humor, two of the many reasons I married him and didn’t just make him a friend!  🙂

RDJ eye roll gif cited

Picture Perfect Self…

 About a month ago I began listening to podcasts during bike rides rather than music.  I find that the time goes by super quick because I’m focused on what’s being said.  I like comedy, so it’s only suiting that my first podcast that I’m following is a comedian that I like, John Heffron.  I’ve listened to him with Martha Quinn as his guest, Danny Bonaduce, and also podcast that talked about personal safety.  The one I listened to today was with Jairek Robbins, son on Tony Robbins the motivational speaker.  The podcast was interesting because it was: 

A)  Funny.

B)  Applicable.

It talked about setting up your days so the most important factors to you are included, therefore making your days the best possible.  (That’s my lame summary, it’s much better addressed in the podcast!)   There are definitely things that I think about often that I know I should and could do to make my life more like the ‘picture’ I imagine as the best possible.

Anyhow, I liked it, it was interesting.  I think it will be something that lingers on my mind for a bit, so I thought I’d share it.  The link is below, it’s not heavy or anything, and there’s a bit of swearing, so there’s your warning.  If you have an hour while driving, or on the treadmill, give it a listen.  Hope you like it too.

If you don’t have the podcast ap, you can click on the link below and listen to it with what you are reading this with:



An ode to See’s Candy

I am officially proclaiming my love for See’s Candy, right here on the information superhighway, the world wide web.

I love See’s Candy.

A lot.

I like all but the chocolate covered cherry one, and the pineapple one is not my favorite either (although I have been known to pick off the chocolate and eat that part if it is the only one left).  I am even happy when at the end of a box of Nuts and Chews, all I have left is the chocolate covered peanuts.

See’s Candy to me represents holidays.  As a kid, it was exciting when when people visited and brought See’s (usually older uncles and aunts).  It was like ‘oh look, they brought See’s!‘  Not that See’s equaled that they were rich, but it was more like a statement.  A statement of I’m bringing a quality food item that can be doubled as a gift to be shared. RIGHT NOW, no waiting necessary!  And when I became older and worked in office settings, businesses would get gifts of See’s!  It was amazing!  And during the holidays, the boxes are already pre-wrapped!  An instant gift of kindness!

To be the first to the box is the best.  You get to pick your favorite one!  I always, always, always have picked the square one in the corner, California Brittle.

Over the years, the presence of See’s Candy has declined in my life.  I have not worked in an office setting in many moons.  So, no business gifts.  But, every now and then, at a holiday party, on the desert table, a glorious box of See’s.  I’m not sure if people don’t quite get the magic of this box sitting on the table, or just don’t fully respect it.  Because I rush the table and try to casually grab my favorite piece if it’s still there.  And if it’s not, I scan the room as if I’m going to start something with the one who took it, because surely, they do not appreciate that piece of California Brittle as much as I do.  They may have just grabbed one blindly, thinking ‘oh look, chocolate’ making me then move on to other pieces to choose from.

I think there has been one time where I was in the presence of the king daddy, double decker box of See’s.  That was impressive even through my then childhood eyes.

Family and friends know my love for See’s.  I have told my husband that truly, all he needs to do is get me a box of See’s Nuts and Chews for Valentines Day, and it’s a home run.  Birthday, same thing, home run.  My last birthday, the kids and my husband got me See’s.  I was so excited.  I hid the box appropriately so no one else could have any, and it lasted me a very long time.

On my first day of subbing long term for my daughter’s 5th grade class, which also happened to be my first day of subbing ever (crazy, but worth it), I walked back into the classroom from a quick break and sat at the desk, and there was a box of See’s with a card.  It was from my friend, my cohort in PTA. Funny how really touching this was to me.  My occasional rants on Facebook about my love for See’s, resulted in my friend surprising me with a box on a very big first day for me.  That was huge.  And perfect.

Another time a different friend texted me one day and asked what my favorite See’s candy was.  I told her California Brittle.  I didn’t know if maybe she was sampling some See’s, or what, but I felt confident in my suggestion.  A couple of days later, she surprised me at our daughters soccer game with a box of only California Brittle!  Amazing!  Such a nice gift, and truly thoughtful, my very favorites.  Here’s a picture of it (yes, I took a picture, it was that beautiful, and that appreciated):


A few months ago, my middle child and I were at the mall.  We got what we needed done and then proceeded to walk into See’s Candy.  The place is magical.  It has stayed the same level of classiness as it always has been.  Same uniforms worn by the employees, no super current modern modifications.  I’m not sure that the employees love it, but I do, it’s familiar.  Everything else changes.  See’s does not.  As we walked in and were scanning the glass cases of delicious chocolate, we were invited to try a sample.  Why yes, don’t mind if I do.  And I mean a whole piece of chocolate, not just a slice off of one.  Quality.  A little girl walked in with her family as we were still making our rounds before choosing our piece for dessert, and she yelled out ‘Yay!’ when she walked into the store.  My sentiments exactly.  See’s is awesome.



Friends have shared my love for See’s.  When I talk about See’s, most seem to name their favorite as Scotchmallow, no one has ever named mine as their favorite, which is pretty great news, no sharing necessary.  In our early 20’s, one friend made a See’s run right before the mall closed.  It was a clutch play, like a 3 pointer buzzer beater.  During those years, there was also a box of See’s that  accompanied us to the Eagles reunion tour.  (By ways of the bottom of a sleeping bag we brought in…security was way more lax back then.)  See’s has been appreciated through my childhood, through my early adulthood, and now my kids even know how special See’s candy is to me!

On Facebook this week there was a post about a See’s 12 Days of Christmas where they were giving away a lifetime of See’s as the grand prize.  What?!  As I immediately registered, it brought me to a See’s chocolate game and information about all See’s pieces of chocolate.  I shared the post on Facebook, and I mentioned that thank goodness it isn’t a phone sweepstakes, because I may become that guy in the end of the movie One Crazy Summer.

If you happen to win, kick down a box of Nuts and Chews would ya?

I hope I have done See’s justice.  It is in my opinion the most delicious chocolate I’ve had.  But even more than that, it makes me smile each time I open a box because for some silly reason, this white box with the gold and black writing holds tradition and memories.


You can’t argue with crazy?

‘You can’t argue with crazy’ is a saying I’ve been using for a while now.

I think I started saying it when we had a certain renter who came up with outlandish excuses and emails that would read pages long of ridiculous excuses for not paying on time, and way too personal insights.

It also has been used often regarding our kids youth sports.  There have been emails and phone messages received over the years that my husband would state were crazy talk.  We’re talking wacky, illogical dialogues regarding youth sports, many of these dialogs regarding youths younger than teenage years.  After reading or listening to them, and then after picking my mouth off of the floor from the shock of what I’d just witnessed, I’d often reply ‘you can’t argue with crazy.’  And that’s it, there is no further discussion needed, because there is truly nothing you can say to make sense of what just happened.

‘You can’t argue with crazy’ is reserved for times when you realize that you can no longer hold a conversation with a certain person due to their ridiculous rant.  Ever.

To set the record straight, I’ve shown numerous shades of my own personal crazy over the years.  But what I’m talking about here, is a certifiable kind of nuts that makes you just shake your head and make you think WHAT?!!?

It’s a fun saying that wraps up a crazy train experience.  And I use the saying enough, and like it enough, that I figured it’s a perfect name for my blog!


I grew up hearing my dad’s AM transistor radio on the weekends blaring the SF Giants games as he did yard work, and going to games at Candlestick.  But I don’t think I became a big fan of the game until I watched my own kids play.  I was not an athlete.  Active yes, athlete, no.  So watching my kids accomplish feats at young ages has put me in awe, and a new love for the game began.

2010 was a magical year, it was the year my son became over the top in love with baseball.  He was 10, and the Giants were on their way to winning the World Series.  Watching those games through his eyes, the excitement, him FaceTiming his cousin between plays, it was magical.  My then 4 year old daughter had watched so many 7th inning stretches that there were times I’d observe her playing in her room singing God Bless America to herself.  Possibly one of the cutest things ever.

I heard Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on my iPod today while riding my bike, and below is what has made me so nostalgic.  This video still gives me the goosebumps remembering all five of us singing it at the top of our lungs:

2012 brought more magic.  After going to about 10 home games, none being victorious, my son got to see his first live SF win at AT & T park, at a World Series game with dad and grandma.  Unparalleled magic.

2014, kids are a bit older, and with that comes new questions.  Such as my 11 year old daughter walking in while we were watching a game a while back, annoyed, stating ‘the Giants 10 runned them, why are they still playing?’  Love it.  There is still magic in my kids eyes, along with lots of getting out of our spots on the couch and chairs to high five after a play, and neighbors quite used to the yelling and cheering that comes from our house during Giants season.

Let’s go Giants!!!

IMG_6811  2010

Don’t Stop Dreaming

About two years ago, I had a 1-1/2 hour drive where I dreamed the whole time about playing the drums.  (Sidenote:  no idea how I had a 1-1/2 hour quiet car ride by myself where I could be lost in my own thoughts.)  (Second sidenote:  I have no musical talent whatsoever.)  I imagined that playing the drums, hard core rock and roll drums, would just be so bad ass.  I thought about taking up drum lessons, and then thrashing on them during jam sessions in my barn.  Every song that came on the radio, I pictured me whaling on the drums to.  I pictured Tommy Lee in his cage playing the drums while spinning in the air upside down in concert.  I remembered loving Alex Van Halen’s drum solos during my numerous trips to Van Halen concerts.  Their energy and concentration was just crazy!  I loved it!

Image 1

Did I take up the drums after that 1-1/2 hour drive by myself, no.  Am I sad or incomplete?  No.

I have dreamt of taking up dance lessons.  I’ll admit, listening to Enrique Iglesias’ Bailando on the radio real loud gets me dreaming about learning some crazy Latin dances and cutting up a rug.  Have I, no.  Do I feel like I’m short changing myself?  No.

When I’ve presented at a workshops, or in front of groups, I usually start with handing out name tags and asking everyone to write down their dream job on it.  (This activity actually relates to my presentations, but that’s not my point here.)  My point here is that I almost always write down farmer as my dream job.  I have dreamt of being a farmer for a ridiculous amount of hours that can not be returned for more productive things.  This is one dream that I’ve kinda gotten a taste of, living on an acre with 2 dogs, 3 cats and 4 chickens as well as my garden of many different fruits and vegetables has given me enough of a taste to be satisfied.  I still dream of driving a tractor, and walking through my rows of crops, but I’m ok with what I have going on for now.



I love to dream, I think I’ve always been a dreamer.  I’ve been able to get wrapped up in the what ifs for hours.  Usually, it’s fun stuff, like drums and dancing.  Other times, it may be dreaming of punching someone in the face.  Sometimes I get caught up in dreaming about worst case scenarios (these I try and stop, I can get way to carried away and scared).  The point is, I don’t necessarily end up doing the things that I dream about.  Especially the punching someone in the face, that would not be good.  (But honestly, who hasn’t thought one of those scenarios out!)  I don’t feel like I’m short changing myself for not going after all of my dreams.  I dream all the time, its different than a yearning, or a drive.  If I dream about something long enough, that becomes important, and turns into a drive, I’ll go for it.  But dreaming is different, it’s daily.  I think that if we don’t dream, we don’t grow.

My kids asked me when I was a kid, what did I want to be when I grew up?  I tell them a veterinarian.

They seem to slowly look around, and you can see the wheels turning:  Stay at Home mom, Recreation Therapist, Substitute Teacher, Bookkeeping for our home business, Volunteer at more things than can be counted…..no veterinarian in there.

Then I get the question “Why didn’t you become a veterinarian?”  And I explain it that as my life went on, I discovered new things, things that led me to new paths.  Not lesser paths, different paths.  I am fully grounded, fulfilled, and happy in the roles that have become my life.  I’ve learned to adapt to changes.  I’m not always graceful with it, but in the end I’m pretty good at making the most out of situations.

When we ask our kids what they want to be when they grow up, professions such as Marine Biologist, Teacher, Sports Statistician, trainer for Shamu the whale at Seaworld, and SF Giants Announcer have all been thrown around as ideas.  A couple say they want to play professional sports.  As an adult, I could easily look at the probability of one of my children being a professional athlete, and point out the small percentage of people who get the opportunity to play even at high school levels these days, let alone college, and then professionally. But my job isn’t to shoot down their dreams.  I feel that once they stop dreaming, they may stop living what can be an incredible life.  It’s up to them to decide where their lives will take them.  If kids don’t dream, they are stifled, there is nothing to reach for.  The reality of life will hit them sooner than they know it.  I love watching them be kids, and seeing where they want their life to take them.  I want my kids to keep dreaming to lead them to one of the many ‘right’ paths of their lives.

So, even as a “grown up”, I will continue to enjoy dreaming.  If there are no dreams, where is hope?   Someday, when a dream sticks with me and won’t let me go after a 1-1/2 hour drive, I’ll go and chase it as I have with so many!!!  Dream big and dream often.  Even though I’m not living my younger self’s dream of being a vet, I’m happy.  And that’s what I dream for my kids.


Image 3

 Looking through my old ticket stubs had me dreaming of younger years where $20 for beer and a cab ride home from the concert was all the worries and needs in the world for that night!!!

Good times.