An ode to See’s Candy

Happy birthday Mrs. See! 🙂

You can't argue with crazy

I am officially proclaiming my love for See’s Candy, right here on the information superhighway, the world wide web.

I love See’s Candy.

A lot.

I like all but the chocolate covered cherry one, and the pineapple one is not my favorite either (although I have been known to pick off the chocolate and eat that part if it is the only one left).  I am even happy when at the end of a box of Nuts and Chews, all I have left is the chocolate covered peanuts.

See’s Candy to me represents holidays.  As a kid, it was exciting when when people visited and brought See’s (usually older uncles and aunts).  It was like ‘oh look, they brought See’s!‘  Not that See’s equaled that they were rich, but it was more like a statement.  A statement of I’m bringing a quality food item that can be doubled as…

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Pop tarts to the rescue again.

Went to Target this morning, and while checking out, started explaining my purchases to the cashier.

“I never would have thought I’d be buying Pop tarts for my kids’ before school breakfasts!  But if it helps them to get up for these last three weeks of school, I’m in.”

The cashier went on to tell me she gets up early to make eggs and home made stuff for her kids each morning.  That’s nice.  It really is.  Thankfully, she told me her kids are 5 and under.  I made a mental note to check in with her in 10 years and see if the egg thing was still working out for her.  If it is, I’ll allow myself to feel like a loser mom then, not now.  I’m in survival mode.

No one wants to get up for school anymore.  They’ve been doing it for just. too. long.  I’ve heard so many arguments such as “They (teachers) want us to get our sleep, so why do we have to get up so early?”  We even get to the point of “Why do we even need school,” as they walk past me in zombie like fashion.

So, in comes Pop tarts.  If these morsels of sugar can assist in my lovely children getting out of bed without me putting on a one person circus, I’m in.

Deal is, out of bed by specified time, you get Pop tarts for breakfast before school.

I wrote about this epic parenting technique last year, you can find it here:

Pop tarts for the win!

Hoping for a peaceful last three weeks of school, and minimal health damage!

Don’t judge. Whatever works man. ‪#‎poptarts‬

Gnats are the Houdini of bugs. (aka, I want a housecleaner)

Aaaaand, we’re back.  Gnats flying around my kitchen, while I swipe at them and look like a bewildered lunatic when somehow I continuously miss them.  Time to set up a trap or two.


It’s gnat season.  Not sure if that’s really a ‘thing’, but it is at my house.  Gnats, fruit flies, whatever you want to call them, I call them ridiculously annoying.  You k…

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“Let’s roll” will forever belong to Todd Beamer.

“Your dad’s work just called, he’s supposed to be in a meeting at the World Trade Center. There’s been an attack. They can’t find him and haven’t heard from him. Turn on the TV.”

You can't argue with crazy

I originally posted this on 9/11/14.  ‘Never forget.’

It was very early the morning of September 11, 2001 when the phone rang and woke me up.

My mom was on the other line and said “Your dad’s work just called, he’s supposed to be in a meeting at the World Trade Center.  There’s been an attack.  They can’t find him and haven’t heard from him.  Turn on the TV.”

I turned on the TV and tried to wrap my brain around what I was seeing.  After we got off the phone, I stood staring at the picture on the screen of the smoking buildings.  I stared into the TV screen thinking “my dad could be in there right now!”  Wondering into the TV whether my dad was alive or dead.

I hadn’t even known my dad was in New York.  He went often enough for work that it wasn’t strange…

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