arguing with crazy

You can’t argue with crazy?

‘You can’t argue with crazy’ is a saying I’ve been using for a while now.

I think I started saying it when we had a certain renter who came up with outlandish excuses and emails that would read pages long of ridiculous excuses for not paying on time, and way too personal insights.

It also has been used often regarding our kids youth sports.  There have been emails and phone messages received over the years that my husband would state were crazy talk.  We’re talking wacky, illogical dialogues regarding youth sports, many of these dialogs regarding youths younger than teenage years.  After reading or listening to them, and then after picking my mouth off of the floor from the shock of what I’d just witnessed, I’d often reply ‘you can’t argue with crazy.’  And that’s it, there is no further discussion needed, because there is truly nothing you can say to make sense of what just happened.

‘You can’t argue with crazy’ is reserved for times when you realize that you can no longer hold a conversation with a certain person due to their ridiculous rant.  Ever.

To set the record straight, I’ve shown numerous shades of my own personal crazy over the years.  But what I’m talking about here, is a certifiable kind of nuts that makes you just shake your head and make you think WHAT?!!?

It’s a fun saying that wraps up a crazy train experience.  And I use the saying enough, and like it enough, that I figured it’s a perfect name for my blog!