Atta Boy

Atta-Boy Migraine!!!

Baseball, unlike softball, does not have cheers and such during the game.  Which I am thankful for, because I do not like having those stuck in my head for days at a time.

Sayings however, baseball does have.  And one that I heard very often during this last season from one of my son’s good friends during games was ‘Atta-Boy’!  But it wasn’t said as it is written, it was more like ‘Atttttaaaaa Booooooyyyyyyy!!!’ in the most deep, loud, almost gurgly voice possible.

It totally grew on me.  To the point where just yesterday I yelled ‘Atttaaaa Giiirrrrllll!’ to my daughter during her soccer game.

Got me thinking, on day 44 of no migraines, I think an ‘Atta-Boy’ is suitable towards my migraines.

So here goes, ‘Atttttaaaaa Giiiirrrllll!’ to my brain for no migraines!