My fear of snakes is well known.

I have SO much to say after watching the full 4:04 length video of this SNAKE FIGHT!!! WHAT???

  1. I will never, ever go to Singapore.
  2. I loved the part in the beginning where the man filming said in a very high voice, ‘Hooooo!’
  3. Why in the wide world of sports were those people standing 3 feet from from the SNAKE FIGHT!!!
  4. Those were BIG ASS SNAKES!
  5. Where is the one that went in the bushes?
    1. Why are there still people walking around when there is a snake like that in the bushes.
  6. That poor guy who had to hold the bag.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched that.  Half out of fear, half out of laughter.  Just a guy in a t-shirt, holding a white bag for a 6 foot long snake that was just in a SNAKE FIGHT to go into!

A python, and a cobra, frickin’ SNAKE FIGHT!  I’m now exhausted.