Vertigo sucks too.

Vertigo is like being really, really drunk with none of the funny stories that may have happened before you hit the spinning wall.

It was about 3:00 am, and I was woken by one of our three cats jumping off of the shelf above our bed, landing just below my head.  (Sidenote, there have been two instances where this particular cat has landed on our heads.  Both times resulting in the cat peeling out on our face, and us sitting up from a complete sleep, blood dripping down our face.  Nice.)

So…scared, pissed, then relieved that I was not landed on this time, I turned over and landed my head hard on my pillow.  Instantly, the room began to spin.  I didn’t freak out because with my migraines, I get dizzy, so I thought, a few seconds, this will pass.  It did not pass.  The room spun and spun.  When I turned over on the other side, it spun faster.  I woke my husband up, and absolutely panicked.  By 6:00 am, I was sure I was dying.  No joke, emergency settings were all I was on at this point. I called my wonderful sister in law who is an Emergency Room RN, and she said it was probably vertigo.  My husband made an appointment for me at 9:00 am.  I literally could not get out of bed and walk to get dressed even with my husbands help.  Crying, whining, still thinking I’m dying from some rare spinning episode, I did not make it to my doctor appointment.  My husband was great through this day, he talked to my doctor, and was instructed to go and buy some over the counter Bonine.  Thank the Lord above for this drug.  The feeling of whether I was going to puke my guts out or just pass out subsided, and I fell asleep with no spinning.  When we made it into the doctor later that day, dressed and all, he did some weird test on me where he tilted me down and back real quick.  He said I had vertigo, and that it’s caused by these little sand like pebbles getting misplaced out of their spots within the ears.  (I’m using some serious medical terms here people, sand, spots in ears…be nice, it’s how it made sense in my brain).  I picture one of those little toys where you try and get the small BB into a circle groove before the others that you just got into place get rolling around too.  I was sent home with a prescription for Meclizine (25 mg, take 1/2 as needed), and special exercises.


It got pretty hilarious when three times a day my husband would help me with these exercises.  You can’t help but laugh.  He had to hold my head and turn it gently, then turn to the other side, and repeat.  He got good at it, and we could have done a SNL skit by the end of all this.

One of the worst parts of this was truly being out of commission for about 2-3 days.  Sleeping was necessary, both to rest my spinning head, and the medication made  you sleep.  The timing of this first vertigo attack was horrible.  The day before Halloween.  Three kids that their mom had to miss out on Halloween for.  Dad took over, and did awesome.  But I sure felt sad not being able to be a part of their night which is filled with tradition and family members.

Thankfully, my kids saved me my favorite candy, and then I raided their pumpkin trick or treat buckets while they were at school as I do every year!

Overall, I’ve only had a few vertigo episodes thankfully.  I hold onto my prescription of Meclizine like a security blanket, I always have some with me in my purse or in the car ‘just in case’.

This crap like migraines and vertigo, it takes a toll on your body, but it takes a toll on the other people in your life too.  I’m so lucky, my husband rocks in this category, he is super supportive and talks me off my emergency cliffs each and every time.  My kids are super cool, they get nervous, but they know I’m going to show up for everything, unless it’s absolutely impossible.  When there was a period of a couple of months where a weird thing on my brain MRI wasn’t yet laid to rest as being ‘nothing’, I told my husband, I don’t care what it is, I can deal with anything, I just don’t want to die.  I know that sounds extreme, or dramatic, but it’s the absolute truth.

I’m having some fun writing about migraines and vertigo and the lame things that can happen, but it’s kinda exciting, it gets it out of my head, and maybe along the way can help someone else.  I’ll deal with this crap, it’s all good.  I’m here!