Don’t Stop Believing


I grew up hearing my dad’s AM transistor radio on the weekends blaring the SF Giants games as he did yard work, and going to games at Candlestick.  But I don’t think I became a big fan of the game until I watched my own kids play.  I was not an athlete.  Active yes, athlete, no.  So watching my kids accomplish feats at young ages has put me in awe, and a new love for the game began.

2010 was a magical year, it was the year my son became over the top in love with baseball.  He was 10, and the Giants were on their way to winning the World Series.  Watching those games through his eyes, the excitement, him FaceTiming his cousin between plays, it was magical.  My then 4 year old daughter had watched so many 7th inning stretches that there were times I’d observe her playing in her room singing God Bless America to herself.  Possibly one of the cutest things ever.

I heard Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on my iPod today while riding my bike, and below is what has made me so nostalgic.  This video still gives me the goosebumps remembering all five of us singing it at the top of our lungs:

2012 brought more magic.  After going to about 10 home games, none being victorious, my son got to see his first live SF win at AT & T park, at a World Series game with dad and grandma.  Unparalleled magic.

2014, kids are a bit older, and with that comes new questions.  Such as my 11 year old daughter walking in while we were watching a game a while back, annoyed, stating ‘the Giants 10 runned them, why are they still playing?’  Love it.  There is still magic in my kids eyes, along with lots of getting out of our spots on the couch and chairs to high five after a play, and neighbors quite used to the yelling and cheering that comes from our house during Giants season.

Let’s go Giants!!!

IMG_6811  2010