exercise as therapy

My treadmill workouts: from laughter to thought provoking.

I continue to try and kick anxiety’s ass through exercise very regularly.  Exercise also allows me to not have to be so careful while participating in one of my favorites…eating.

My TV hook up while on the treadmill is pretty sweet.  Although we still haven’t hooked up cable out in the office where my treadmill is, but there is the XBox, which thankfully has Netflix.

Up until recently, my treadmill workouts included watching stand up comedy.  It was great!  Then, once I blazed through all the Kevin Hart and other comedians of interest, I moved on to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

Hilarious, it filled a big void left by 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation ending.

Once I finished Kimmy Schmidt, I was stuck.  No more comedy found of interest.

So, then I went on to other ‘stuff’.

First up was ‘Fed Up’, a documentary/movie about sugar being the culprit in our war with obesity:

Very interesting, and it made me go a little crazy looking at the amount of sugar in all the labels of the food we eat.  It’s a bit overwhelming.

Next up, I watched ‘GMO OMG’.  All about GMOs in our foods.

Again, very interesting.  Made me think about it far after the movie had been done.

I just finished ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’:

I really liked this one, very entertaining, and funny at times.  And towards the end, during a scene with a certain t-shirt, I had the ugly cry face as tears streamed down my face while I ran on the treadmill hoping that no one would walk into the office as I was in that state!

I find that having something to look forward to watching while on the treadmill allows me to almost (I said almost) want to get on that thing so I can continue the movie!

Looking forward to more comedy as it comes up, but for now, I’m diggin’ on some knowledge!

If you have some time to kill on the treadmill, or just killing time, check them out, hope you like them!

Laughter and Sweat

My anxiety gets its ass kicked quite substantially by exercise and laughter.  More on my anxiety, what works for me, and my likeness to Bob Wiley here.

We recently moved a TV out to the office and now my treadmill is facing it.  This is an improvement over bringing my iPad with me to the treadmill and placing it on the console.

We don’t have cable hooked up yet, but we do have the xBox, which has Netflix!  I am now addicted to watching comedy while working out.  I’ve gone through Chris Porter, Ralphie May, and now I’m totally burning through Kevin Hart stand up.

Thankfully no one comes out to the office while I’m working out, because it’s not always pretty.  There are times I start laughing while running, and then it’s awkward because I’m out of breath, but need to laugh, and sometimes it results in that ‘ugly cry’ type of thing?  Ya, I’d better lock the door from now on.

Double whammy to anxiety, sweating while laughing!


Bad Mood Mama

Sometimes I feel guilty about being in a bad mood.  Not that I’m perfect and they aren’t supposed to happen, but when no one I’m around caused it (particularly my husband and kids), I feel guilty about my bad mood.

I’ve seen this twice in the last 24 hours, it seems fitting:



I’m not upset with my husband, and my kids are being perfect because it’s day 1 of a 2 week break from school.  I’m just in a shitty-ass mood (I warned you on my first post, I do swear sometimes, but I’ll keep this PG-13).

A dear friend of mine became a widow at an unimaginable young age, shifting the parenting of 3 very young children from two parents to one.  Through our sometimes laughed about astronomical amount of hours spent talking, she told me once that she missed having someone to fight with.  To set the record straight, she and her husband were not a married couple who fought regularly, they had a great relationship.  She just missed having someone to banter with, to be pissed off with, because it’s not like she could do that with the kids.  I get that.  My good friend has recently remarried, and I was fortunate to have their wedding at my home.  It was beautiful.  I believe she is the most resilient person I have ever met.

As mentioned, the ‘someone to fight with’, I get that.  I wish that I could put some boxing gloves on during a bad mood and give my husband a nod and say ’10 minutes in the ring’, no feelings attached, head out to the barn, and let the punches fly.  Get that unaccounted for aggression out.  Unfortunately, as much as I could try and explain the reasoning behind boxing my husband is not anger related, I don’t think the amount of therapy my kids may need after witnessing that is in our pocket range.

So, I went for a long bike ride.  Sweating while listening to some Van Halen, Jay-Z, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, and some Queen to include a few, that helped me.  I’m better now.

If I start selling soap, be worried.  Otherwise, if you hear a bell ‘ding’ in the barn, it may just be that my husband bought me some boxing gloves and a big ol’ punching bag!  Round one!!



Leave me a comment below if you got the soap reference.  Let me know I’m not out here on my own!  🙂  One of my top 10 movies of all time for sure!!