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Being sick on your favorite holiday = no fun. No fun meaning, no appetite.

4th of July is my favorite holiday.  It’s probably because the 5th of July is my birthday, and as a kid, the 4th was the pre show to my birthday, fireworks and all!!  I love fireworks, unfortunately, my fireworks were provided by NBC, and watched by me as I laid on the couch:


It all started Thursday night, my back and legs were killing me while watching my son’s baseball game.  I thought I was just tired.  By the time I got home, chills, aches, and stomach pains.  Not a fun night of sleep.

Friday brought a fever, more stomach pains, and way more chills.  It was 100+ outside, and I was inside sleeping with 2 blankets on me.  (Sidenote, I have gotten my fill of HGTV these last few days, which is quite enjoyable.)

Now, when I say fever, I mean a slightly elevated temperature than normal.  I would never be able to hang with a 102.5 like my kids cruise around with not even mentioning they don’t feel good.  But, those chills man, they are the worst, and the headache that comes with it, it had remnants of a migraine headache, which set in a quick panic, then put the nausea and stomach pains on top of all of it.  Done.  No 4th of July for me.

Today is my birthday, and unfortunately we aren’t going to go paddle boarding like planned.  My middle daughter and I had this discussion earlier:

L:  Are we going anywhere today?

Me: Like where?

L:  Like, in public?

Me:  No.

I feel bad, I hate being down.  Although today is the first day that I feel I will make it to see my birthday next year.  I believe I had food poisoning.  Throughout the last three days, each and every time I thought about a lunch I had when I went out with a friend, I dry heaved.  I really liked the lunch at the time, but the thought of it these last few days made me retch.  No other food thoughts did that.  And I had a lot of food thoughts.

Today was the first day I was hungry since Friday.  My husband said he was going to go get deli sandwiches.  Usually, on birthdays in our family, the birthday person gets to choose whatever they want for their dinner.  I would never, ever have chosen deli sandwiches.  I would usually choose something that I don’t get to have often like Vietnamese food, or sushi, not deli sandwiches.  But when he said that, my eyes lit up.  That sounded SO good!

I love to eat.  A lot.  So, as I looked at this sandwich my husband brought me after the day before literally only having 3 graham crackers and a handful of BBQ chips (had to, the salty/sweet is undeniably delicious), I knew I was about to put it away.

IMG_6016Oh ya.

I watched Unbroken with my kids the night before I got sick.  On day 2 of not eating, I thought again about how they were in that raft for so long without food.  Then, I thought about how so many times while watching reality shows like Survivor, that I’m pretty sure I’d get beat up by someone if I were on that show because I’d be dreaming of food constantly out loud.

It would go something like this:

‘Oh man, there’s this place in Pismo, called Hoagies, they have these wraps called the Pismo Wrap…It’s tri tip, curly fries, avocado, BBQ sauce, and paper jack cheese in a tortilla.  All warm and good.  They are huge!  You can’t even finish a whole one!  What I would give for that right now!’


‘My last meal would be at Blue Coyote in Truckee.  I’d order garlic chips, which aren’t chips, think pizza, sliced up in little pieces, with garlic sauce and melty cheese on top.  I’d get a side salad, which has all sorts of goodies in it, with honey mustard dressing, and a double order of Truckee Style boneless wings.  Awww ya man!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Those wings, dip them in some blue cheese just to cool off the kick, that’s serious.’

And then the film crew would cut to me getting popped in the face with someone yelling over me ‘I told you to shut up and quit talking about food when we’re all here starving!!!’

I can’t help it.  Always been this way.  I love food.  It made me sad that I didn’t want any for the last two days.

So, happy birthday to me, my appetite is back!!!

An ode to See’s Candy

I am officially proclaiming my love for See’s Candy, right here on the information superhighway, the world wide web.

I love See’s Candy.

A lot.

I like all but the chocolate covered cherry one, and the pineapple one is not my favorite either (although I have been known to pick off the chocolate and eat that part if it is the only one left).  I am even happy when at the end of a box of Nuts and Chews, all I have left is the chocolate covered peanuts.

See’s Candy to me represents holidays.  As a kid, it was exciting when when people visited and brought See’s (usually older uncles and aunts).  It was like ‘oh look, they brought See’s!‘  Not that See’s equaled that they were rich, but it was more like a statement.  A statement of I’m bringing a quality food item that can be doubled as a gift to be shared. RIGHT NOW, no waiting necessary!  And when I became older and worked in office settings, businesses would get gifts of See’s!  It was amazing!  And during the holidays, the boxes are already pre-wrapped!  An instant gift of kindness!

To be the first to the box is the best.  You get to pick your favorite one!  I always, always, always have picked the square one in the corner, California Brittle.

Over the years, the presence of See’s Candy has declined in my life.  I have not worked in an office setting in many moons.  So, no business gifts.  But, every now and then, at a holiday party, on the desert table, a glorious box of See’s.  I’m not sure if people don’t quite get the magic of this box sitting on the table, or just don’t fully respect it.  Because I rush the table and try to casually grab my favorite piece if it’s still there.  And if it’s not, I scan the room as if I’m going to start something with the one who took it, because surely, they do not appreciate that piece of California Brittle as much as I do.  They may have just grabbed one blindly, thinking ‘oh look, chocolate’ making me then move on to other pieces to choose from.

I think there has been one time where I was in the presence of the king daddy, double decker box of See’s.  That was impressive even through my then childhood eyes.

Family and friends know my love for See’s.  I have told my husband that truly, all he needs to do is get me a box of See’s Nuts and Chews for Valentines Day, and it’s a home run.  Birthday, same thing, home run.  My last birthday, the kids and my husband got me See’s.  I was so excited.  I hid the box appropriately so no one else could have any, and it lasted me a very long time.

On my first day of subbing long term for my daughter’s 5th grade class, which also happened to be my first day of subbing ever (crazy, but worth it), I walked back into the classroom from a quick break and sat at the desk, and there was a box of See’s with a card.  It was from my friend, my cohort in PTA. Funny how really touching this was to me.  My occasional rants on Facebook about my love for See’s, resulted in my friend surprising me with a box on a very big first day for me.  That was huge.  And perfect.

Another time a different friend texted me one day and asked what my favorite See’s candy was.  I told her California Brittle.  I didn’t know if maybe she was sampling some See’s, or what, but I felt confident in my suggestion.  A couple of days later, she surprised me at our daughters soccer game with a box of only California Brittle!  Amazing!  Such a nice gift, and truly thoughtful, my very favorites.  Here’s a picture of it (yes, I took a picture, it was that beautiful, and that appreciated):


A few months ago, my middle child and I were at the mall.  We got what we needed done and then proceeded to walk into See’s Candy.  The place is magical.  It has stayed the same level of classiness as it always has been.  Same uniforms worn by the employees, no super current modern modifications.  I’m not sure that the employees love it, but I do, it’s familiar.  Everything else changes.  See’s does not.  As we walked in and were scanning the glass cases of delicious chocolate, we were invited to try a sample.  Why yes, don’t mind if I do.  And I mean a whole piece of chocolate, not just a slice off of one.  Quality.  A little girl walked in with her family as we were still making our rounds before choosing our piece for dessert, and she yelled out ‘Yay!’ when she walked into the store.  My sentiments exactly.  See’s is awesome.



Friends have shared my love for See’s.  When I talk about See’s, most seem to name their favorite as Scotchmallow, no one has ever named mine as their favorite, which is pretty great news, no sharing necessary.  In our early 20’s, one friend made a See’s run right before the mall closed.  It was a clutch play, like a 3 pointer buzzer beater.  During those years, there was also a box of See’s that  accompanied us to the Eagles reunion tour.  (By ways of the bottom of a sleeping bag we brought in…security was way more lax back then.)  See’s has been appreciated through my childhood, through my early adulthood, and now my kids even know how special See’s candy is to me!

On Facebook this week there was a post about a See’s 12 Days of Christmas where they were giving away a lifetime of See’s as the grand prize.  What?!  As I immediately registered, it brought me to a See’s chocolate game and information about all See’s pieces of chocolate.  I shared the post on Facebook, and I mentioned that thank goodness it isn’t a phone sweepstakes, because I may become that guy in the end of the movie One Crazy Summer.

If you happen to win, kick down a box of Nuts and Chews would ya?

I hope I have done See’s justice.  It is in my opinion the most delicious chocolate I’ve had.  But even more than that, it makes me smile each time I open a box because for some silly reason, this white box with the gold and black writing holds tradition and memories.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Years, (YEARS) ago, I worked as a counselor for a nutrition program designed for gyms.  Gym members had the opportunity of joining the nutrition program, which of course would benefit their overall goals.  One thing that has always stuck out from that period of my life is that during Thanksgiving, many of the members were of course nervous to ‘fall off the wagon’ on Thanksgiving.  This program was based on real food, percentages of protein/carbs/fats so that you could eat pretty much any food, it was not restrictive.  Many people talked about fasting until they sat down at the table for the big dinner.  My focus that I remember telling people was that they still needed to eat their meals during Thanksgiving day, maybe smaller than usual, then you aren’t like a shark once you sit down at the table, and just get back on the horse the next day.

I learned a lot about fitness and health through that program, but even more importantly, I met a life long friend.  Needless to say, we were in our early 20’s, and although worked out A LOT, and ate according to the program most of the time, we were caught by gym members across the street at the Mexican Food restaurant putting away super burritos and chips and salsa a few times.  And we were recognized a few times out and about on a Friday or Saturday night, after a beer or two.  But hey, we were in our 20’s, we made good choices most of the time.  🙂

Fast forward to now.  I can’t put away multiple super burritos a week, nor go out drinking without it catching up to me real quick.  Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, that’s one of my two early morning workout days at the gym with a dear friend.  So, I’ll be there.  Half asleep as I arrive, then feeling good as I leave.

Now, I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m some crazy fitness person.  My personal motto is ‘Run to Eat’, exercising it forward so I can enjoy eating.  The only person that thinks I’m bad ass is me when a good song comes on and I may kick the treadmill up a couple of notches.

My son did a bunch of push ups the other night and then said ‘How many do you think you can do mom?’ I said 15.  And then of course had to do them.  I did them, and he then imitated my push ups showing I lowered my body by about 1 inch each push up I did.  Whatever, they count.

Just the other day, we picked up a chocolate turkey while in Napa.  We didn’t go for the $250 super large life sized chocolate turkey, just a small cute one.  Still, this small, expensive chocolate turkey to bring to my parents house on Thanksgiving seemed fun.  And I have to say I may eat it all.  I may resort to yelling ‘Mine’ and running away with it, because an article was shared with me last week that said chocolate is not a migraine trigger.  It’s an article written by a professional, and I’m going with it!!!  See the article here:

Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day then get back on the horse.

Food vs. Migraine

I think I love food more than I hate migraines.

This is a problem.

I don’t know if certain foods trigger my migraines., I’ve never been able to identify a certain trigger.  But even if foods were for certain a trigger, there are times that I may choose food over preventing a migraine.  Crazy, I know, but I’ve been told by my dear friend who has been my friend since the first grade that she doesn’t know anyone else that loves food the way I do.

My house is in complete chaos, we are remodeling a room.  Call it a future episode of Hoarders due to my two daughters room contents strewn across my house.  Their mattresses are in my room.  I’m at the point where I have started to just wipe the crumbs off of the kitchen counter onto the floor with no plans to clean them up, because, really, who cares when there is drywall dust everywhere already?

I made brownies today.  Really, really, good ones.  I ate a row already earlier today, and I just now really wanted to go face first/Christmas Story’s ‘mommie’s little piggy’ into the rest.  I’m not usually this bad.  And my general practice is to exercise it forward to support my love for food.  I just keep looking around the house and seeing complete disarray everywhere.  Everywhere except for the brownie tray.

Here’s the sad part, just now I only took a small nub off of a corner of the brownies.  Not for the fact that having that many brownies are not good for me, but I’m scared of what if an overdose of brownies causes a migraine.  Probably a good fear, for both migraine prevention, and the added benefit of my waistline combined.

There are things though, that if I knew were migraine triggers, that I would still have to go for from time to time:

  • For sure these brownies sitting on my kitchen counter right now.
  • A great piece of pepperoni pizza.
  • See’s Candy (more on that at a later date).
  • Chicken nachos.

Hoping for a migraine free day tomorrow so I can come home in the afternoon and slice off a hunk of these brownies.  They better not all be gone by then.