Fred Dean

Fred Dean baby!!! #74!!!

It has been 74 days since my last migraine.  This is pretty unreal.  If you want to know why 74 is relevant, you can see my post regarding my 49th day here:

Over these last 74 days, there have been so many times that I’ve gone into stores or places where I have previously gotten migraines, always leaving feeling like I got away with something as I left with no migraine.  This should be a normal thing, going places and it not triggering a migraine.  I think it will take a lot longer than 74 days to feel like not getting migraines is normal.  There is some anxiety with this success, such as when is one going to come again, and when I do get one again, is it going to be a king daddy whopper of a migraine that knocks me down for multiple days?

What a puzzle this migraine trip has been.  Gotta celebrate this success though, it’s wild.  Migraine relief is not a one size fits all.  Mine so far consists of daily green smoothies and herbal supplements.  For details, click on  Anti-Migraine potion (my first blog post) in the menu above.

Here’s to #74!  Very cool.