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Keep fighting the fight.

I am very fortunate that at this time I seem to be in between rounds of my fight against migraines.  I am a realistic person, and not going to say that I am retired from fighting.  I just know that what I’m doing right now, is winning the fight.  What started as a blog surrounding my migraines, has allowed me to write about all sorts of things while I’m in between rounds, and it’s been fun.

During this time, I’ve referred back often to my ‘anti-migraine potion‘ that seems to be what’s working for me.  I’ve recently talked to two people I know about their current struggle with migraines, and the frustration that comes with it.  I wish there was a magic one size fits all pill for migraine sufferers, but there is not.  The pill that I was instructed to take unfortunately held hands with possible side effects of suicidal thoughts and the lack of being able to put a sentence together.  That was when I knew I had to try everything else I had ever read about before succumbing to that option.  Some people are lucky and are able to find the right fit to help combat their migraines.  For the ones who haven’t found their answer to help relieve their migraines yet, keep pressing on, keep exploring options for what will work for you.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a routine physical.  As I arrived in the office, I semi-panicked wondering if the spots in my eyesight were from the bright sunlight coming though the windows, or if a migraine was coming on.  Anxiety and panic swept through me as I began to rub my forehead, and then press my earlobes closed multiple times.  Not sure why I feel like this helps maybe prevent one, but I do feel that, so I had no shame in putting my fingers in my ears and pressing repeat as I was in the middle of talking to the receptionist, reporting to her that I was worried a migraine may be coming on.  I then went on to make myself yawn a few times (I read somewhere that yawning relaxes your body and could prevent a migraine from coming on.  Whatever, it’s now part of my routine.)  No shame.  I don’t care about looking cool, or even sane if any of my weird habits work.  No migraine came, and I  think it’s safe to say it’s not because I closed my ears about 20 times, but it makes me feel better.  My migraine fear was still on my mind as I realized it was funny to list my vitamin and herbal supplements as the three things I take as my ‘medications’ for the first time in that doctors office, the nurse not familiar with what any of them were.  The doctor, after learning about my migraines, pulled up some information on an electronic headband type thing that is supposed to be beneficial to migraines that he recently read about and found interesting.  Here it is.  You never know, it may be an added step to accompany my ear closing regimen in the future.

Migraines are so much more than just a headache.  Migraines often come with, or lead to, both anxiety and depression.  These are the things that at times can take a bigger toll than the actual migraine itself.  Having people around you that listen to you, and respect what you are experiencing makes such a difference.  Be your own detective, keep pushing the envelope if and when your doctor wants to give you their auto-migraine-sufferer-speech and auto-prescriptions.  Research.  Not only medical research, but research other migraine sufferers.  I have found a wealth of information through following people who blog about their migraines.  Find the best option for you!

I am going to continue to celebrate between my rounds of this fight.  Good luck to you, keep fighting the fight!


Fred Dean baby!!! #74!!!

It has been 74 days since my last migraine.  This is pretty unreal.  If you want to know why 74 is relevant, you can see my post regarding my 49th day here:

Over these last 74 days, there have been so many times that I’ve gone into stores or places where I have previously gotten migraines, always leaving feeling like I got away with something as I left with no migraine.  This should be a normal thing, going places and it not triggering a migraine.  I think it will take a lot longer than 74 days to feel like not getting migraines is normal.  There is some anxiety with this success, such as when is one going to come again, and when I do get one again, is it going to be a king daddy whopper of a migraine that knocks me down for multiple days?

What a puzzle this migraine trip has been.  Gotta celebrate this success though, it’s wild.  Migraine relief is not a one size fits all.  Mine so far consists of daily green smoothies and herbal supplements.  For details, click on  Anti-Migraine potion (my first blog post) in the menu above.

Here’s to #74!  Very cool.


It has been 49 days since I have had a migraine.  Seven weeks today.  THAT IS CRAZY!!!

49 stood out to me even more because I was raised in a family of San Francisco 49er fans.

My grandfather had held 49er season tickets since Kezar Stadium, and continued to be a season ticket holder into Candlestick.  My family held the same Candlestick season tickets through the Dynasty, all the way through their last year there. Just last week, my dad called to let me know that his Candlestick Park seats arrived at his doorstep.  It only seemed right when the opportunity came up, to buy their Candlestick seats to keep.  One of my brothers bought two of the seats, and the other two were bought for my dad.

My dad will still get to watch 49ers games in the seats that he shared with each of our family members, including his dad.

It is safe to say he will cry in those seats again if there is a replay of ‘The Catch.’

Those seats are where many years ago, I heard my father yell ‘LAY DOWN LIKE A DOG SIMMS, LAY DOWN LIKE A DOG!!!’  I have told this story many times, just last year, a friend texted me when Simms was commentating, and it read ‘Lay down like a dog Simms!’

So, 49 days is a good, family fitting milestone!!


It’s funny that this is the only 49er ticket stub that I have, and it is from this week 19 years ago.  Little did I know at that game, that 13 days later, I’d meet my husband.  And I certainly didn’t know that 19 years later, I’d be referencing that ticket stub for a milestone to my migraines.

Most of my 49er memories are from a while back, the more recent memories belong to my brothers. They share my dads love for the team.

My favorite 49er player as a kid was Fred Dean, #74.  74 will work for a new number of non migraine days to shoot for.

Looking back through my migraine notes, (so lame, I don’t wish those on anyone), I have not come even close to 49 days between migraines in the over two years I have been keeping records.

Before starting my anti-migraine potion, I had just gotten finished with having 6 migraines in 33 days.  Since starting my ‘potion’, I’ve had 2 migraines in 100 days!!!

Daily anti-migraine potion:

Again, not sure what’s working, but not going to stop now.  Here’s to hoping I’m celebrating on day #74!!!

My anti-migraine potion is now complete.


When I went to pick up a new bottle of Feverfew today, they had Butterbur in stock.  This was the only thing missing from what I had researched and wanted to try to prevent and/or relieve my migraines.  It is now going to be added to my daily herbal supplement and green smoothie anti-migraine regimen.


This is what the back of the bottle reads:

‘Modern scientific studies have demonstrated that Butterbur supports healthy blood flow to the brain and healthy neurological function.  Petasins, the active constituents in Butterbur, have been shown to play a role in minimizing the frequency and severity of neurological discomfort triggered by bright lights and stress that occasionally occurs in healthy individuals.’

We’ll see.  I’m adding it to what I started back in early August.  It’s been 55 days and I’ve had two migraines in comparison to the two per week that got me started on this journey.  Not sure what specifically to credit, but I’m sticking to it.

Below is a link to my first post which outlines the herbal supplements and migraine smoothie that seems to be working for me!

Angel of Migraines


Green Smoothie Talk

My 14 year old son:  I’m sitting next to algae!!  (referring to the glass canning jar in the middle console of my car between us)

images    sarjeant-iain-green-algae-in-freshwater-pond-scotland-jpg

green_algae   images

Me:  No, it’s my green smoothie son.

As I take swigs, cue the vomit and gagging sounds from my 3 kids in the car with me.  I have to laugh.  Whatever.  Only my youngest has managed to swallow a small sip to have the bragging rights that she tried it.  (I really like my smoothies, but the green just freaks everyone out.)


Two hours later, walking into Jamba Juice for their ritual after dentist visit smoothie:

My 8 year old daughter:  Hey Mom!!  Look, they have green smoothies!!

Me:  Yep, they do.

8 year old is studying the poster on the wall of what goes into their smoothie:  Is that what you put in yours?

Me:  Some of it is.

As we are getting into the car from Jamba Juice:

8 year old:  You should really try those mom.

My 11 year old daughter:  Hey mom, how long has it been since you’ve had a migraine?

Me:  16 days now!

11 year old:  That’s awesome.

Yes it is.  It really does amaze me that my kids seem genuinely interested in how things are going.  Life gets so busy, and they have so many of their own things going on now.  I know I’m loved, but that they are interested and concerned as well, that is really cool.

I know I bring damage to their rep with the green smoothies, but it’s not like I would walk up to school to pick them up with one in my hand.

I do however pick them up from school and cruise around town with one of those stay cool bright blue towels around my neck at times.  It is quite clear that I am not in the middle of playing a sport which these are designed for.  But the coolness of the towel seems to help me think maybe a migraine won’t come.  All of my kids asked what I had that bright blue towel wrapped around my neck like a scarf for, and when I told them, they said ‘oh’.  They didn’t ask me to take it off, or walk way in front of me like they didn’t know who the crazy lady with a blue towel around her neck was.  I mean, in all honesty, it’s safe to say that they don’t hold me up to a high standard of fashion.  I cruise up to school, the store, wherever, all the time, with absolutely no regard for my appearance (other than make sure I’m out of my jammies).  If I’m working out, or cleaning the house, or other fun tasks such as cleaning out the chicken coop during the day, I am not putting on a stitch of make up.  I’m wearing a hat, and sweats.  That’s how I roll.  There are days where I think I should put a bit of effort into what I’m putting out there, but then then my brain rebuts with “save that for a special occasion and dazzle everyone then.”  I am fine with the outlook of “she cleans up well!”

I’m proud of my kids for their concern and their heart, their acceptance, and not wanting someone different than who they got.

I’ll continue to sport my green smoothies, under cover if we’re out of course so I don’t thoroughly embarrass my kids.  If we’re at home though, it’s fair game for whichever friend may be over to be invited to the “try the green smoothie challenge”.  No visitor has taken me up on the challenge yet…