Where do we go?

A horrific shooting at a Regional Center today?  I have worked with people with disabilities for 20 years now, and am very, very familiar with the Regional Centers in the areas I have worked at.  I have friends who are social workers at these Centers.  They coordinate the services needed from housing, to schooling, to medical and beyond for babies, children, and adults with developmental disabilities.  The people that these Regional Centers serve have made such a huge impact on my life.  I have no idea what the motive could have been for this.

Not that any motive is ever going to be an explanation, and of course never an excuse or justification.  Horrific acts of taking another’s life?  No one has that right.  I have told that to my children, no one has the right to take the life of another.  Ever.

Yet, it’s happening ALL THE TIME.

I just saw a beautiful picture of Tuscany when I was scrolling through a page.  Do we pack up and go there?  Will it follow everyone everywhere?

Schools, movie theaters, government facilities, non profit organizations.

Where do we go to escape this?

I’ve written quite a bit about shootings.  How horrible.

Below is part 4 of Our Children’s reality, uncomfortably numb.



Part 4: Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb.

I read this article just a few minutes ago.  It hit me right in the gut.  It’s so similar to my exact feelings.

“Not a single morning goes by that I don’t drop my son and daughter at school and wonder for a split second — that’s all I allow myself — whether they will be murdered by a gunman that day.”

The full article can be found here:


Every single night, I pray that my kids, and all kids, and schools will be safe the following day.  I will continue this.  But I just don’t know what else to do.

I get so mad, and I question so much when these school shootings happen.

Do I homeschool?  That keeps them safe from school shootings, but not movie theaters…

I told my husband this morning that I am starting to wonder what my little piece of political power, my one vote, holds.  That is something that I need to keep looking into, and in the end it may change how I’ve voted in the past, it may not.

This post is Part 4, because I’ve written about my children’s school drills three previous times.

Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb. (Part 1)  My kids take on what a ‘cool’ lockdown drill is.

Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb. (Part 2)  My first lock down experience while my child was at school.

Part 3: Our children’s reality, uncomfortably numb.  My children’s conversations in the car about the recent changes in an active shooter drill, and their nonchalant comments about the probability of being shot.  All while I am about to pass out at the wheel while listening to them!

Again, as I have said often, I fully support my children’s school and they are doing their very best to keep my kids safe.

But I wonder, big picture wonder, what the hell is enough to keep them safe anymore?