love food

Food vs. Migraine

I think I love food more than I hate migraines.

This is a problem.

I don’t know if certain foods trigger my migraines., I’ve never been able to identify a certain trigger.  But even if foods were for certain a trigger, there are times that I may choose food over preventing a migraine.  Crazy, I know, but I’ve been told by my dear friend who has been my friend since the first grade that she doesn’t know anyone else that loves food the way I do.

My house is in complete chaos, we are remodeling a room.  Call it a future episode of Hoarders due to my two daughters room contents strewn across my house.  Their mattresses are in my room.  I’m at the point where I have started to just wipe the crumbs off of the kitchen counter onto the floor with no plans to clean them up, because, really, who cares when there is drywall dust everywhere already?

I made brownies today.  Really, really, good ones.  I ate a row already earlier today, and I just now really wanted to go face first/Christmas Story’s ‘mommie’s little piggy’ into the rest.  I’m not usually this bad.  And my general practice is to exercise it forward to support my love for food.  I just keep looking around the house and seeing complete disarray everywhere.  Everywhere except for the brownie tray.

Here’s the sad part, just now I only took a small nub off of a corner of the brownies.  Not for the fact that having that many brownies are not good for me, but I’m scared of what if an overdose of brownies causes a migraine.  Probably a good fear, for both migraine prevention, and the added benefit of my waistline combined.

There are things though, that if I knew were migraine triggers, that I would still have to go for from time to time:

  • For sure these brownies sitting on my kitchen counter right now.
  • A great piece of pepperoni pizza.
  • See’s Candy (more on that at a later date).
  • Chicken nachos.

Hoping for a migraine free day tomorrow so I can come home in the afternoon and slice off a hunk of these brownies.  They better not all be gone by then.