love your life

There was a lesson in there…

I went out to meet the delivery guy in the driveway.  He couldn’t find which package was mine in an overstuffed van of packages.  He asked “Amazon?” I had to go through my memory banks real quick, and amazingly, I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon that hasn’t already been delivered this week.  (aka:  Amazon Prime addiction.)  Then I said “Staples!  I ordered office supplies from Staples.”

“Oh ya, got it.”  And he proceeded to go around to the side door and get my packages out.

“Man, you have a lot of stuff in there!” I said.

And this is where it got interesting…

“This is a great job.  I work 4 hours a day, more if I want.  My girl almost got relocated with her job.  Shit, I didn’t want to go.  I like my job.”

Again, I’m not easily offended, (Swearing 101) especially by swearing, but it always does surprise me when someone swears when they are on the job, and dealing with the customer.

“I was so happy when she didn’t get relocated because I didn’t want to go and leave this job.” He had a smile on his face from the moment he got in my driveway, and as he was trying to scan one of the boxes, and it wouldn’t take, again, another “shit” as he smoothed out the scan sticker.

Here’s the thing, this encounter has been on my mind since he’s left.  Here’s a guy, safe to say ‘rough around the edges’, yet with a smile on his face, appreciates and really likes his job.  We should all be so lucky.