migraine trigger

240 is where the streak stops…

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stood with my bowl full of dehydrated frozen chicken with noodles and veggies waiting for their turn to be cooked at the Mongolian BBQ place for lunch today.  I looked around, and with great fear, said out loud to my husband, “I think I’m getting a migraine.  I am getting a migraine.”

I almost went to the car so I could really cry.  But the food looked so good, and let’s face it, I love food, so I rallied.

Getting a migraine today felt like failure.  I know that’s super lame.  Going 240 days without a migraine when they used to come up to 3 times a week, that’s no failure, that’s a slam dunk.  But I really liked my life without them.

What were the possible reasons:

It could be any of those.  Unfortunately, only some of those are under my control, and I will do my best to control them again starting with day 1 of a new streak tomorrow as the headache arrives with it’s full vengeance.

Suck it migraines.  I hate you.

Barely holding on to day 233…

A few times this last week, I’ve hit the panic button.

I felt a little dizzy, a little off, and then the panic dialog started inside my head:

“Oh no, this is it.  This is where the streak ends.  It was a good streak.  It will be ok.  What do I have going on the rest of the today…tomorrow?  I can handle it if it comes.”

Then, thankfully nothing.

Battling though.  Battling.

The weather.  What. The. Heck.

Rain one day.  Sunshine the next.  Thunder and lightening the next.  Then wind like the house is going to blow away.


Weather is said to be a migraine trigger.

Honestly, at this point, just throw anything out there, it can be a migraine trigger.

Chocolate?  Trigger.  Wine?  Trigger.  Weather?  Trigger.  Dinosaurs?  Trigger.  Roller coaster?  Trigger.  Looking through a window?  Trigger.  Grocery shopping?  Trigger.

Obviously, sarcasm is involved, yet, if you google anything and migraine trigger, I’m sure it will be found somewhere.  Migraines are not choosy.

That leads me to my anxiety induced panic filled web search and phone calls of this afternoon following a regular visit to my natural foods store where I get the arsenal of my anti-migraine potion.

When I went to purchase Butterbur, they were out.  Not only out, but not sure when they will be getting any more in.  Apparently, there is a problem with the butterbur crop or something?  What the what??!!  Ok, how about Feverfew?  Nope, out of that too.


Looked online, found my brand easily on a website….out of stock/backorder.

Called around and found a store that carried Butterbur about 15 miles from me.  I’ll be going to pick it up tomorrow.  I’m nervous if it is a different brand.  I’m certainly a creature of habit, and I don’t need any slight change to create a reaction in me.  But more important, I don’t want anything to change in my anti-migraine potion, along with my daily anti-migraine smoothie.  Because 233 days migraine free is amazing.  And I’m not sure which cog of this machine is making it work, but I’m not going to screw any of it up.


99 Cent Store Adventures…

I went to the 99 Cent store last week.

And as a precautionary disclaimer, I am not a 99 Cent or Dollar Store hater.  I love these places.  Proof is in this receipt here:


Who spends over $90 at the 99 Cents store?  Me.

I wandered up and down every aisle, and put multiple things in my cart along the way.  All while wearing my sunglasses inside so I don’t get a migraine.  (I have gotten migraines in this store twice in the past, I’m thinking it’s due to the lights.)  So now, I walk around like I’m cool or something with my sunglasses on while cruising up and down the aisles.

So, with it being stated that I am not a hater.  There are some things that just can’t avoid being pointed out.

I will share these with you, as I did with my oldest, lifelong friend through texts throughout my shopping trip.




And if you needed to see it more up close, here it is:



Wow.  Did not know he has his own food line.  ‘Just Add Beer’ it says.


One of the reasons I went to this store, was to pick up more of the cereal my youngest likes.  It’s Jif.  Yes.  Like the peanut butter.  Don’t judge.  It was at Safeway months ago for about $4.69 a box.  I found it here a couple of weeks ago, and was glad to find it was still here!



Choco Ronis:

IMG_6535 I didn’t buy those. 


This would have made bath time way more successful back in the day of little kids.  I may go back and get a bottle, put it in the shower, see what happens.  It’s 99 cents.  You can do that.



And finally, I saved the best for last:



I love that store.  Constant good deals while being entertained.


Oh ya, and I texted this to my middle brother while there:



You have to watch it now.  So great!

Too much fun = migraine.

I had a blast this last weekend.

Went to see Sammy Hagar with my husband, family and friends, it was a great show. Kids with the parents (thank you), and a night away, it was on.

I was trying to tally up how many times I’ve seen Sammy Hagar, whether solo or with Van Halen, and I’m thinking it has to be  around 10 times now.  And this show up in South Lake Tahoe this last Saturday, was definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

I was so happy, and kept moving for the entire concert.  Which I’m thankful for, because it’s been a long while since my body has experienced the number of beers it did that night, and I’m sure my constant motion helped me the next day!


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire night, his solo stuff, Van Halen, and a super awesome surprise, a few Led Zeppelin gems.  (The drummer he tours with is the son of the late John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin.)  That was the coolest, my middle brother was one of the people in our group of friends/family, and he’s a huge Zeppelin fan, so it was pretty clutch.

Back home today, and back to reality after being with family for the weekend which included our one night get away to the concert.

While going to Target and Safeway for necessary items with my youngest, a full migraine set in.

As I navigated through the aisles of Target with half of my eyesight blocked by kaleidoscope designs and swirls, and a overall feeling of nausea, I replayed the weekend in my mind.  Not so much sleep, much beer, good food, some quality chocolate, and a sore body from a mountain bike fall on some good sized rocks…I’m not going to say I deserved a migraine, but I understand it.


Migraines Suck.

Damn I hate migraines.

I hate that they interfere in peoples lives, and truly shut down aspects of their lives while they visit.

Yep, in case it wasn’t crystal clear.  Got another one, yesterday.

Walking into a lovely little restaurant for lunch with my sister in laws while on an overnight trip away….kaleidoscope eyes to look through at my delicious lunch. Dull and nasty feeling the rest of the day, headache started last night, didn’t feel like waiting until today which would match normal protocol.

Odd, the last two migraines I’ve gotten (both in the current month), have happened before 12:00 noon, which is a shift from my ‘norm’.  Usually my migraines come in the afternoon.  Going to tweak my smoothie time from between 2-3 pm to about 10 am and see if that makes any difference.  And I know, 2 in one month, still very manageable, and pales in comparison to the two per week I was getting last August.  But when you get to celebrate over 200 days migraine free, as much as I’ll keep my positive outlook, it still SUCKS.

outoforder  Too bad that’s not realistic!  🙂

Migraines suck.

Let it go, the King is dead. You’re 200+ days of no migraines is gone.

The number 205 seems to have now taken on a ‘glory days’ effect in my mind.

Problem is, I want it back.  I want to go over 200 days between migraines again.

And I don’t believe I’m going to lie down and settle for less.

There are times that I laugh when I hear my husband or others talk about their sports glory days.  And how is it that they can remember specific plays in great detail from 20+ years ago?

Will that be me?  Day 200 when I blogged about that celebratory day, will I remember that day with great details?  I just may.  Because I most certainly will remember walking into stupid Raley’s for stupid dinner stuff and getting a stupid migraine.  Dumb grocery store.  And I will certainly remember the nail salon, and most recently, a whopper migraine in Michael’s.  All stopping me from getting back on track to 200+ days migraine free.

I have to keep my glory days in the front of my mind though.  It happened once, it can happen again right?  And still, I can’t be too miffed about having broken my 200+ day migraine free streak.  Because the fact is, I’ve only had 6 migraines in one year and 16 days.  That may be some glory days there in itself, second only to my 200+ day streak.


Still faithful to my anti-migraine potion, because 6 migraines in 381 days, I can glorify that!

A day in my (not so) glorious migraine life.

My most recent migraine included Caillou, Michael’s Craft Store, Jay Z, ‘Dances with Wolves’, and See’s Candy to name a few…all in a day of my (not so) glorious migraine life:

‘Oh my god, I’m going to throw up right here.’ Is what I thought in my mind for about 30 seconds in the aisle of Michaels.

Disclaimer:  This post may or may not contain some swear words in it.  Although,the probability for them is high.  Consider that your warning if you’re easily offended…

About 7 minutes prior to having the urge to vomit, I had walked into Michaels to shop for work and to look at frames.  Silly Rabbit, you can’t look at items like frames that have glass in them under the full lights of a retail store.  Rookie move.  Full kaleidoscope migraine eyes set in within the first two minutes in the store.

I did not end up vomiting in Michaels.

Way to keep it classy migraine.

I did however stay in Michaels, wandering up and down every single aisle putting more and more crap in my cart waiting for my kaleidoscope eyes to clear up for over 40 minutes.

By the time I got to the check out, I had to tell her I wasn’t buying about 5 items that I had placed in the cart.  I have no idea what the hell I was looking at, or why I put those things in my cart.  Obviously my eyes weren’t seeing the objects too well!

My husband kept texting me during my 45+ minute visit to Michaels, and wanted to know if I was going to go home and relax. At that point, the worst for day 1 of 2 of my migraine had already passed, I could see again.  Day 2 is when there is no way I would have gone on to the mall and Old Navy as I did, because that is the day for the headache that feels like someone has hit you over the head with a frying pan each and every time you stand from a sitting position.  And don’t ever lean over to tie your shoes or anything.  Having your head below your waist, you may as well just call it a day right there.

So, on to the mall and Old Navy.  Because for some reason, my children still do not have enough shirts for school.  Not too sure where those disappear to.

Even though I clearly wasn’t there to shop for myself, I found a couple of things to try on, and went to the dressing room.  There was a parent with a small child in the fitting room next to me watching a show on a device of some sort.

And then I heard it.  It was Caillou.  “Are you f*#cking kidding me right now that I have to listen to Cailou?” was what I think I said inside my head and not out loud.

I heard enough to know that Caillou in his atrocious voice was scared of the dark, and his dad said that he’d get him a music box to play for when he’s scared.

I found this shaky video, but that doesn’t matter, just listen in horror to the voice:

And that was when I reconfirmed what my sister in law stated a few months ago that I laughed ridiculously about:  Caillou is a little bitch.  Agreed.

On to a department store to get Adidas or Nike t-shirts for my son, I saw this sign and it intrigued me:

Image 3

I’ve mentioned before that my 2 day migraine events leave me in a sort of foggy, dull feeling.  Thankfully, I was able to reach out of that fog and realize that my enjoyment of Jay-Z music may not transfer to my son’s preference in clothing.

As I was walking through the mall on the way towards my car, I was welcomed with loving arms by this:

Image 1

I love See’s.  I’ve proclaimed my love in the past for See’s officially here.  Migraine trigger or no trigger, I’m having See’s.

California Brittle, I love you.

Image 2

I finished off my outing by picking up a Papa Murphy’s Pizza for dinner, only to be accompanied by the delicious cinnamon dessert pizza.  Because let’s face it, I was already gone.  Might as well throw in another possible trigger that I’ve read about in the past, pepperoni.  I was at the point of just needing things that made me feel good, because day 2 of my migraine life is going to be straight crap.

As I drove to pick up my 3 kids at 3 different schools, on came “Stairway to Heaven”, by Led Zeppelin.  It’s like the migraine gods were looking down on me.  This was the perfect song to hear.  And thankfully, it ended before a child got into the car and asked me to change the channel.

Amazingly, we didn’t have anywhere to be after I picked them up from school.  So, the kids and I finished off the day watching the rest of ‘Dances with Wolves’, as I watched them act out ‘tatonka’ on all fours walking around with a pillow on their backs.


That was my day with a migraine.  Day 2 will bring pain, which is a different challenge than today’s navigating while not being able to see, and dealing with an overall dullness of my brain.

Today was a good day.

Although, not in the cool Ice Cube way in which I referenced it.  More in the ‘this could have been much worse than it was, at least I got See’s’ way.

Urine therapy. Ya, maybe my migraines aren’t so bad…

So, according to this printout that I was given at my local health food store (which is wonderful by the way), I have a lot to look forward to within the next 14 months.  If, that is, I’m part of the most susceptible group of women and my migraines will end at age 44… Image 644 is not a super party year.  It’s not like turning 21, 30 or 40.  Those were pretty good party years.  44 is, meh.  Good, but meh in terms of a party year.  Unless, of course, I’m what is referred to as the ‘most susceptible group of women’ that get migraines.  They are aged between 25 and 44.  So, 44 would be my last year of migraines if I am in the most susceptible group.

I’m thinking I’m not the typical or most susceptible group.  I’ve already gotten the odds of being within the 10% of the population that gets migraines.  And I certainly have gotten them more than the ‘approximately once per month.’ So, as I continue to cross my fingers and hope that the migraine spell is released on the eve of my 45th birthday, what do I have to look forward to if it isn’t?

Well, if my anti migraine potion stops working, it looks like there is another option I may have before trying prescription medications: Image 2 urine therapy.  Not something I’ve read about yet.  Not sure I’m going to be too quick to look into that one.

Image 1 And then I have these long term issues that may come for a visit when I need something additional to the thrill of a normal old migraine.

So, here’s to hoping that the day I wake up and I am 45, birds and butterflies will be fluttering, and all migraines will stop.

For the next 14 months though, I will continue to apologize to the customer service people at REI for wearing my sunglasses in the store, insisting it’s not because I think I’m super cool.  I’ll also continue to yawn, and rub my ears continuously in an ever so attractive manner in hopes that I intercept a migraine that is coming on.  As well as continue my anti-migraine potion and keep my fingers crossed that it continues to work for me so I don’t have to Google ‘urine therapy’.

Who am I kidding, after writing that, I had to Google it.  And WOW, just WOW!


10 days is NOT the business.

10 is much different than 205.

10 days ago, I had my first migraine in 205 days.  Today, I had another.  It bites.

I met my friend to get our toes done (very rare occurrence, about twice a year, so this was a big day!)  As I entered the nail salon, the wall that is a glass waterfall seemed to encompass every single prism of light in the universe and laser it my way.  I’ve gotten a migraine in this place before, but I’ve also gone there and not gotten one.  Not my lucky day today. The prisms of light that seem to only be attracted to my eyes, in combination with the endless can lights in the salon above my head said ‘You’re out.’

As soon as my eyes went full kaleidoscope, I was calm.  I know what to do and what to expect when I get to that point.  It’s the before that is not fun, wondering if the migraine is or is not going to rear it’s ugly head.

My friend and I talked about the need to find a dark place that does pedicures.  Then we quickly retracted that and laughed thinking that may not be a place that we’re supposed to visit!

My kaleidoscope eyes let up just in time for me to see the end result, pretty toes.  Then, with heavy heart, I entered my migraine into a new app I just got last week called Migraine Buddy.  All the information that I’ve been keeping in the notes of my iPhone for years, now is stored in a convenient little app.  It tracks migraines, as well as provide reports to target triggers and similarities.  Cool.

10 is no 205.  Still optimistic though thinking since it was the glass wall of water that brought it on, maybe they aren’t back to stay quite yet.

And on we went to drown my migraine frustrations in some Chili’s chips and salsa and tacos.  Migraine smoothie will come a bit later today, hope it can reel this in a bit.

Good thing tomorrow’s headache can hold hands with a mellow day without big plans.

Food vs. Migraine

I think I love food more than I hate migraines.

This is a problem.

I don’t know if certain foods trigger my migraines., I’ve never been able to identify a certain trigger.  But even if foods were for certain a trigger, there are times that I may choose food over preventing a migraine.  Crazy, I know, but I’ve been told by my dear friend who has been my friend since the first grade that she doesn’t know anyone else that loves food the way I do.

My house is in complete chaos, we are remodeling a room.  Call it a future episode of Hoarders due to my two daughters room contents strewn across my house.  Their mattresses are in my room.  I’m at the point where I have started to just wipe the crumbs off of the kitchen counter onto the floor with no plans to clean them up, because, really, who cares when there is drywall dust everywhere already?

I made brownies today.  Really, really, good ones.  I ate a row already earlier today, and I just now really wanted to go face first/Christmas Story’s ‘mommie’s little piggy’ into the rest.  I’m not usually this bad.  And my general practice is to exercise it forward to support my love for food.  I just keep looking around the house and seeing complete disarray everywhere.  Everywhere except for the brownie tray.

Here’s the sad part, just now I only took a small nub off of a corner of the brownies.  Not for the fact that having that many brownies are not good for me, but I’m scared of what if an overdose of brownies causes a migraine.  Probably a good fear, for both migraine prevention, and the added benefit of my waistline combined.

There are things though, that if I knew were migraine triggers, that I would still have to go for from time to time:

  • For sure these brownies sitting on my kitchen counter right now.
  • A great piece of pepperoni pizza.
  • See’s Candy (more on that at a later date).
  • Chicken nachos.

Hoping for a migraine free day tomorrow so I can come home in the afternoon and slice off a hunk of these brownies.  They better not all be gone by then.