migraine triggers

57 days and feeling cocky.

In 57 days, it will have been one year to the date since I’ve had a migraine.

Cinco de Mayo to be exact.  So, I’m planning on celebrating with a Corona.  Or maybe more than one if I’m feeling it.

I’m feeling cocky about being amongst the “non-migrainers” for almost a year now.

I would be more surprised to have a migraine now, than the surprise and wonderment I felt back in the days when I was celebrating a 49 day, even a 20 day or 11 day non-migraine streak.

I’m still rocking the daily anti-migraine smoothie.  Still taking my arsenal of supplements daily.  And I’m still not sure what makes the migraines stay away.  Especially after I continue to have migraine triggers in my life daily.

With that said, still feeling cocky and looking forward to posting a picture of that Corona on Cinco de Mayo, 2017.  May enjoy a green beer in addition to my green smoothie in the meantime, but looking forward to how sweet that victory beer will taste.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Years, (YEARS) ago, I worked as a counselor for a nutrition program designed for gyms.  Gym members had the opportunity of joining the nutrition program, which of course would benefit their overall goals.  One thing that has always stuck out from that period of my life is that during Thanksgiving, many of the members were of course nervous to ‘fall off the wagon’ on Thanksgiving.  This program was based on real food, percentages of protein/carbs/fats so that you could eat pretty much any food, it was not restrictive.  Many people talked about fasting until they sat down at the table for the big dinner.  My focus that I remember telling people was that they still needed to eat their meals during Thanksgiving day, maybe smaller than usual, then you aren’t like a shark once you sit down at the table, and just get back on the horse the next day.

I learned a lot about fitness and health through that program, but even more importantly, I met a life long friend.  Needless to say, we were in our early 20’s, and although worked out A LOT, and ate according to the program most of the time, we were caught by gym members across the street at the Mexican Food restaurant putting away super burritos and chips and salsa a few times.  And we were recognized a few times out and about on a Friday or Saturday night, after a beer or two.  But hey, we were in our 20’s, we made good choices most of the time.  🙂

Fast forward to now.  I can’t put away multiple super burritos a week, nor go out drinking without it catching up to me real quick.  Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, that’s one of my two early morning workout days at the gym with a dear friend.  So, I’ll be there.  Half asleep as I arrive, then feeling good as I leave.

Now, I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m some crazy fitness person.  My personal motto is ‘Run to Eat’, exercising it forward so I can enjoy eating.  The only person that thinks I’m bad ass is me when a good song comes on and I may kick the treadmill up a couple of notches.

My son did a bunch of push ups the other night and then said ‘How many do you think you can do mom?’ I said 15.  And then of course had to do them.  I did them, and he then imitated my push ups showing I lowered my body by about 1 inch each push up I did.  Whatever, they count.

Just the other day, we picked up a chocolate turkey while in Napa.  We didn’t go for the $250 super large life sized chocolate turkey, just a small cute one.  Still, this small, expensive chocolate turkey to bring to my parents house on Thanksgiving seemed fun.  And I have to say I may eat it all.  I may resort to yelling ‘Mine’ and running away with it, because an article was shared with me last week that said chocolate is not a migraine trigger.  It’s an article written by a professional, and I’m going with it!!!  See the article here:  http://migrainebrainstorm.com/2014/04/22/why-chocolate-is-just-fine-and-other-incredibly-useful-things-i-learned-from-dr-christine-lay/.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day then get back on the horse.