Pop Tarts

Pop tarts to the rescue again.

Went to Target this morning, and while checking out, started explaining my purchases to the cashier.

“I never would have thought I’d be buying Pop tarts for my kids’ before school breakfasts!  But if it helps them to get up for these last three weeks of school, I’m in.”

The cashier went on to tell me she gets up early to make eggs and home made stuff for her kids each morning.  That’s nice.  It really is.  Thankfully, she told me her kids are 5 and under.  I made a mental note to check in with her in 10 years and see if the egg thing was still working out for her.  If it is, I’ll allow myself to feel like a loser mom then, not now.  I’m in survival mode.

No one wants to get up for school anymore.  They’ve been doing it for just. too. long.  I’ve heard so many arguments such as “They (teachers) want us to get our sleep, so why do we have to get up so early?”  We even get to the point of “Why do we even need school,” as they walk past me in zombie like fashion.

So, in comes Pop tarts.  If these morsels of sugar can assist in my lovely children getting out of bed without me putting on a one person circus, I’m in.

Deal is, out of bed by specified time, you get Pop tarts for breakfast before school.

I wrote about this epic parenting technique last year, you can find it here:

Pop tarts for the win!

Hoping for a peaceful last three weeks of school, and minimal health damage!

Don’t judge. Whatever works man. ‪#‎poptarts‬

Pop Tarts for the Win!

6:15, dreadful 6:15.  It’s the start of the ‘time to get up’ chant around my house.

The freshman does not want to get out of bed.  This is the boy who would get up at 6:00 am each morning and catch up on SportsCenter before needing to leave at 8:00 am for elementary school.  Yet, this is the year he’s chosen to finally learn the art of sleeping in.

And so the battle begins…

  • I turn the light on in his room
  • He moans, shoots me a few lovely glances and groans ‘noooooo’.
  • I leave the room.
  • I return to the room 5 minutes later for the same routine.
  • The circle finally ends with me stomping, possibly yelling, and lots of times threatening, and then he finally gets up.  Only to then rush around and be a grump until he rushes out the door.
  • And then I get to start all over with 2 more kids (a bit of a different routine, although often, there are tears.)
  • And just for the record, YES, there is an alarm clock, and it is turned off after it beeps, and the culprits lay back down and go to sleep.

So what’s a mom of 3 kids to do?  Turn to Facebook of course.

This was my question:

If anyone has a fantastic plan for waking up and getting 3 kids moving out of bed in the morning on school days that doesn’t result in serious grumpy attitudes or tears, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just be counting down the days until summer.
Just keep swimming….

I got an awesome amount of response.  Everything from super nice ways of waking kids up (that made me feel mean for never thinking of them) like putting their clothes in the dryer before they get out of bed so they are cozy (so awesome), to putting ice cubes in their beds to get them up, saying you were calling the principal, music, earlier bedtimes…

And then I saw it.

One of my longest lifetime dear friends wrote these two words, and these two words only:  Pop Tarts.

My gosh, that may just work.  Pop Tarts are usually reserved for ‘vacation breakfast’, my son in particular loves them.

I bought Pop Tarts a few days later.  The morning time came, and I told him he could have some for breakfast before school.  His eyes lit up like I just said that school had been cancelled.  I then put the following note on his dresser:

Image 1

After the next morning where he got up and was dressed before 6:30, that evening he said ‘Pop Tarts just make the day better mom.’

Today was the first school day after Day Light Savings.  Wake up at 5:15, but the clock says it’s really 6:15.  I was a bit nervous, wasn’t sure if the note would be enough power for the ultimate Jedi Mind Trick of Day Light Savings.  It was.

And that’s how Pop Tarts won.


The result of my husband going to the grocery store after Pop Tarts won.