Sammy Hagar

Too much fun = migraine.

I had a blast this last weekend.

Went to see Sammy Hagar with my husband, family and friends, it was a great show. Kids with the parents (thank you), and a night away, it was on.

I was trying to tally up how many times I’ve seen Sammy Hagar, whether solo or with Van Halen, and I’m thinking it has to be  around 10 times now.  And this show up in South Lake Tahoe this last Saturday, was definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

I was so happy, and kept moving for the entire concert.  Which I’m thankful for, because it’s been a long while since my body has experienced the number of beers it did that night, and I’m sure my constant motion helped me the next day!


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire night, his solo stuff, Van Halen, and a super awesome surprise, a few Led Zeppelin gems.  (The drummer he tours with is the son of the late John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin.)  That was the coolest, my middle brother was one of the people in our group of friends/family, and he’s a huge Zeppelin fan, so it was pretty clutch.

Back home today, and back to reality after being with family for the weekend which included our one night get away to the concert.

While going to Target and Safeway for necessary items with my youngest, a full migraine set in.

As I navigated through the aisles of Target with half of my eyesight blocked by kaleidoscope designs and swirls, and a overall feeling of nausea, I replayed the weekend in my mind.  Not so much sleep, much beer, good food, some quality chocolate, and a sore body from a mountain bike fall on some good sized rocks…I’m not going to say I deserved a migraine, but I understand it.