Being sick on your favorite holiday = no fun. No fun meaning, no appetite.

4th of July is my favorite holiday.  It’s probably because the 5th of July is my birthday, and as a kid, the 4th was the pre show to my birthday, fireworks and all!!  I love fireworks, unfortunately, my fireworks were provided by NBC, and watched by me as I laid on the couch:


It all started Thursday night, my back and legs were killing me while watching my son’s baseball game.  I thought I was just tired.  By the time I got home, chills, aches, and stomach pains.  Not a fun night of sleep.

Friday brought a fever, more stomach pains, and way more chills.  It was 100+ outside, and I was inside sleeping with 2 blankets on me.  (Sidenote, I have gotten my fill of HGTV these last few days, which is quite enjoyable.)

Now, when I say fever, I mean a slightly elevated temperature than normal.  I would never be able to hang with a 102.5 like my kids cruise around with not even mentioning they don’t feel good.  But, those chills man, they are the worst, and the headache that comes with it, it had remnants of a migraine headache, which set in a quick panic, then put the nausea and stomach pains on top of all of it.  Done.  No 4th of July for me.

Today is my birthday, and unfortunately we aren’t going to go paddle boarding like planned.  My middle daughter and I had this discussion earlier:

L:  Are we going anywhere today?

Me: Like where?

L:  Like, in public?

Me:  No.

I feel bad, I hate being down.  Although today is the first day that I feel I will make it to see my birthday next year.  I believe I had food poisoning.  Throughout the last three days, each and every time I thought about a lunch I had when I went out with a friend, I dry heaved.  I really liked the lunch at the time, but the thought of it these last few days made me retch.  No other food thoughts did that.  And I had a lot of food thoughts.

Today was the first day I was hungry since Friday.  My husband said he was going to go get deli sandwiches.  Usually, on birthdays in our family, the birthday person gets to choose whatever they want for their dinner.  I would never, ever have chosen deli sandwiches.  I would usually choose something that I don’t get to have often like Vietnamese food, or sushi, not deli sandwiches.  But when he said that, my eyes lit up.  That sounded SO good!

I love to eat.  A lot.  So, as I looked at this sandwich my husband brought me after the day before literally only having 3 graham crackers and a handful of BBQ chips (had to, the salty/sweet is undeniably delicious), I knew I was about to put it away.

IMG_6016Oh ya.

I watched Unbroken with my kids the night before I got sick.  On day 2 of not eating, I thought again about how they were in that raft for so long without food.  Then, I thought about how so many times while watching reality shows like Survivor, that I’m pretty sure I’d get beat up by someone if I were on that show because I’d be dreaming of food constantly out loud.

It would go something like this:

‘Oh man, there’s this place in Pismo, called Hoagies, they have these wraps called the Pismo Wrap…It’s tri tip, curly fries, avocado, BBQ sauce, and paper jack cheese in a tortilla.  All warm and good.  They are huge!  You can’t even finish a whole one!  What I would give for that right now!’


‘My last meal would be at Blue Coyote in Truckee.  I’d order garlic chips, which aren’t chips, think pizza, sliced up in little pieces, with garlic sauce and melty cheese on top.  I’d get a side salad, which has all sorts of goodies in it, with honey mustard dressing, and a double order of Truckee Style boneless wings.  Awww ya man!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Those wings, dip them in some blue cheese just to cool off the kick, that’s serious.’

And then the film crew would cut to me getting popped in the face with someone yelling over me ‘I told you to shut up and quit talking about food when we’re all here starving!!!’

I can’t help it.  Always been this way.  I love food.  It made me sad that I didn’t want any for the last two days.

So, happy birthday to me, my appetite is back!!!

Carly Simon said it best.

My body did a one step forward, two steps back in the last 24 hours.  This could have been witnessed by me passed out on the couch at 9:30 am this morning while hoping that throwing up was not going to be part of the migraine bargain.

All that keeps going through my head is this:


I have no idea any of the words other than the chorus, which is totally fitting.

This week brings my freshman son’s first two high school baseball games, my middle daughter’s 12th birthday, work, my youngest’s last basketball game, soon to be 12 year old’s softball try outs, and getting all set up for a 12 year old’s sleep over with 5 friends at our house.

Oh, and my youngest has been home sick from school since last Thursday.

I can not say this is the worst week ever, not even close.  Just not a convenient week.

Although, it has allowed me to totally plan out meals from Pinterest that I will probably never really get to, as well as never have any players waiting for me in Words With Friends or Trivia Crack.

Please know, I’m just getting this out there so I can have a good laugh, I’m not down.  Gotta laugh at it all, that’s what keeps me sane and makes me feel kind of human while trying not to gag.

Laughing is my favorite.

Just keep swimming…

Bargaining with my body.

One of the worst migraines I’ve had, one that’s definitely on my top 10, was a couple of years ago.  I was in Safeway, grocery shopping, when all of a sudden, there went my eye sight.  And then, through kaleidoscope eyes managed to finish my shopping needs (thankfully I know that place like the back of my hand).  By the time I waited out my eyesight return, it had been well over 30 minutes.  When I arrived home, all I wanted to do was the Nestle Tea fall into the couch, but I realized that may give me vertigo.  I didn’t need vertigo.  After lying down, my lips felt tingly, then numb, along with my arm.  I freaked out and called the nurse on call, and she said that happens sometimes with migraines.  How nice.  Another goodie to add to the bag.  The vice like headache when standing up or bending over of course arrived the following day, along with the dull, not 100% present feeling that is my headaches best friend.  A few days later, I was able to determine that this nasty migraine was the start of me coming down with a flu.  Just in case the flu isn’t bad enough on it’s own, let’s have it joined by a migraine to really give you the 1-2 punch.

Last Friday I left my long term 6th grade sub gig early because I was sick.  3 out of the 5 in my family have been sick within the last 10 days, and I was sure I wouldn’t be joining them.  Wrong.  I was lucky number 4.  (Really hoping number 5 somehow dodges this one, it’s her birthday this week, that would really suck.)

I found myself bargaining with my body when I finally got home and into bed.

‘Ok, if I’m going to throw up, if it’s just one time, I’ll feel better, and that may be better than bronchitis, but only if it’s one time.’

‘If I get a fever, I may feel like I need to call 911 if it reaches 100.1, but it’s better than a migraine.’

Side-note, how can my kids cruise around with a 102.5+ fever and still be coherent, yet last summer when I had a 101.1, I really did consider having my husband bring me to the ER for the splitting headache that accompanied it?

I am on day 3 of feeling like I’m car sick, the dull headache and all.  But no migraine.  It’s almost like I’m in a competition I can’t lose, I do not want to get a migraine.  I’m around the corner from 200 days migraine free, and since I’ve done so much rounding with my 6th graders in math, I know that’s closer to one year than zero years migraine free.  It feels like as soon as I get one again, I’m back to square one.  I know that’s silly, but it’s in my head.  Nothing makes sense inside there sometimes.

So, back to bargaining, with migraines being the top number, and me willing to sell almost anything not to have to buy one.


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